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Travel Tuesday: A New York City Chelsea Retreat

February has become one of our favorite months to visit Manhattan.

Our new tradition started last year when we went to see Jinkx Monsoon perform in Chicago and discovered that even though it can be cold, it really hasn’t been too much colder than Dallas.

Plus, the hustle and bustle of the holiday season has faded into memory for locals and tourists alike. So it’s a slightly less-crowded city with easy-to-get Broadway show tickets and restaurant reservations.

This year, we decided to try out a February NYC vacation again and yep, it was still a magical experience—other than over-packing in case there was a sudden blizzard or something.

And now after our second stay at the same property, we realize that the Renaissance New York Chelsea Hotel may become the perfect home base whenever we’re in the city. It’s walkable to the theater district (25 minutes or so) and easy to get a cab, Uber or Lyft if lots of walking’s not your thing.

As you may have guessed from our regular travel write-ups, we get treated to a lot of free hotel stays around the world. It’s a perk we love, but sometimes we simply book a room and pay for it the old-fashioned way so we don’t feel obligated to write about it.

Well, this one we feel obligated to write about because we love the location and service so much.

That’s what we’ve done two years in a row at this property because it’s right in the middle of one of our favorite New York neighborhoods and all the gays that come along with that locale. Turn on Grindr and you’ll scroll and scroll and scroll before you even hit the “1 mile away” guys.

Another perk of this hotel, if you book far enough in advance and during certain times of the year, a fab room with a city view can be yours for less than $300 a night.

We upgraded this year and got a decent size King room on the 34th floor, which made the Empire State Building the most iconic night light we’ve ever slept by. It never got old waking up to that view when we had to pee out all the $30 cocktails we’d had earlier in the night.

The hotel also charges a $30 destination fee, but they give it back to you each day of your stay as an equivalent credit for the restaurant or bar. So don’t let that money slip away.

If nightlife’s your thing, check out Somewhere Nowhere, a rooftop lounge, nightclub and pool. Even though it’s in the same building, it’s not affiliated with the hotel—but those 39th-floor views of the New York City skyline can’t be beat.

We’re already planning our next long weekend in Manhattan (maybe to see Eddie Redmayne, Bebe Neuwirth and Marcia Marcia Marcia in the revival of Cabaret) and chances are high we’ll be back at the Renaissance New York City Chelsea Hotel.

So many more gays on the Grindr grid to greet!

Renaissance New York Chelsea Hotel

Photos courtesy of Renaissance New York Chelsea Hotel