Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Victory, Vengeance & Voice.

Rejoicing amid strife. Lift us up, O Lord!

Victory. Sisters-in-Christ, let us REJOICE! Much like the Lord moved through Mary and Martha in the Bible, a woman has once again been the vessel for triumph! Sister E. Jean Carroll held steadfast in her convictions over evil and was given her earthly reward in the courts of justice. Not only did a man lay hands on her in an unspiritual way, but that man’s later ill-intended words about her inspired her to fight for justice. To the man in question, whose name shall not cross my lips, I offer scripture. James 4:11 tells us, “Brothers and sisters, do not slander one another. Anyone who speaks against a brother or sister or judges them speaks against the law and judges it.” And to Sister E. Jean, I offer this admonition. May your church be blessed with a gift of 10% of your victory. Alleluia.

Vengeance. Grievous news from across the pond, as they say. Brother King Chuck Windsor has been afflicted with an illness of great concern. After waiting his entire life for his sweet mama to pass on so he could sit on gold, it seems that the Lord has smitten vengeance upon him for his wanton ways with a married woman. Far be it from me to smile upon the scourge of cancer, but it does seem that Mama Betty had a royal audience with the Almighty just to get the last word. I truly pray for his complete healing and comfort. But I’m also praying that Billy and Katie keep the movers on speed dial. Hail!

Voice. Continuing my slog through the spectacle of awards shows, we have now endured the bestowing of recognition on all things music. I just don’t really care to see a bunch of oddly clad “artists” wailing noise disguised as entertaining melodies. (And I use “melodies” loosely!) And the sins against nature! Sister Miley Cyrus is to be condemned for the hole in the ozone caused by her hairdresser’s use of Aqua Net. And thanks to her, I will never look at safety pins the same way again. And yet, there were moments of actual beauty and tenderness. For years, as a young, innocent woman, I thought Sister Joni Mitchell’s famous song was about weather and small pasta. But now that she and I have lived long lives of joy and heartbreak, hearing those lyrics in a new light sung from a weary voice stirred me in a mighty way. And that, Brothers and Sisters, is how the Lord uses music to speak to us on a deeper level. Amen.