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Brunch Of The Week: An Inside Job

With restaurant dining rooms closed, food delivery will be a main connection with the outside world for the foreseeable future. Because we can only enjoy home cooking for so long. The good news, every major delivery service out there will let you have breakfast and brunch items delivered, coupled with alcohol delivery options from many, there’s no reason you can’t […]

Brunch Of The Week: Drag The Kids Along

If you love drag brunch, but you have kids, sometimes the options are limited. You either risk exposing them to all sorts of raunch, or worse, get the stink-eye from all the adults around you who came for just such raunch and don’t want it spoiled by gasps and giggles. Well, now there’s an option. Glamazon Prime presents an all-ages […]

Brunch Of The Week: Oh, What A View!

How good is the food?  How strong are the drinks?  Will they let us drink hollandaise with a straw? Normally these questions take priority when determining our Brunch of the Week selection, but in the case of Katy Trail Ice House, it’s all about the eye candy on parade. As luck would have it, the food here’s pretty great, too. […]

Brunch Of The Week: The Happiest Place In Dallas

Without great service, we don’t really care how delicious the food may be at a particular restaurant. It’s always a consideration when we recommend a spot for Brunch of the Week (or any restaurant review we post here), but sometimes the service is so above-and-beyond that we genuinely take notice. Such has been the case on every visit we’ve ever […]

Brunch Of The Week: Italian Favorites As Big As Your Head

Anyone who’s spent even a little amount of time with us knows that we’re not big fans of full-service chain restaurants. (Even though every seven years we sneak into Outback Steakhouse for a Bloomin’ Onion all to ourselves.) Trying our best to be open-minded in all things, we realize that sometimes chain restaurants can be every bit as good as […]

Brunch Of The Week: Take A Trip To Mexico

For years, our friends from the northern territories of Dallas-Fort Worth have begged us to try Mexican Sugar. And for years, we’ve decided going to actually Mexico is almost as fast as getting to a restaurant in far north Plano. (We’re kidding, of course, but only partially.) Well, this past weekend we decided to finally dust off the old Toll […]

Brunch Of The Week: Ooh, What You Do, Nikky

In most of Asia, breakfast is simply a time of day more than a specific type of food. You’ll often find locals eating exactly what they would for lunch or dinner, unlike America where we have very distinct ideas of what the morning meal looks like. At Asian Mint, chef Nikky Phinyawatana wanted to create a brunch menu that reflects true […]

Brunch Of The Week: Theme Queens

Every gay knows that costumes aren’t just for Halloween. If there’s a theme party any day of the year, we’re all over it. Hell, we’ve already invited people to come as their favorite daytime TV personalities for our funeral’s “Good Mourning, America” theme. But hopefully, that’s at least a few years down the road. We’re looking to the near future […]