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Brunch Of The Week: C’mon Get Happiest

Prime patio season is officially upon us. And few places in town have better outdoor digs than Happiest Hour in the Harwood District. And even fewer places have heartier brunch options, either. Plus, everything on the brunch menu has a creative twist. The Crab Cake Benedict gets extra richness from poblano butter. Boozy French Toast comes with Fireball maple syrup […]

Brunch Of The Week: Down On All Fours

In honor of Hump Day (or in this case, Dogs Humping Your Leg Day), we’re bringing you our Brunch of the Week selection a bit early. But now you have time to plan a bit before this weekend’s festivities.  Ellie’s Restaurant & Lounge hosts a special Howl-O-Ween Brunch from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. this Saturday and it’s an ideal kick-off to […]

Brunch Of The Week: Egg Day At The Gym

We work out every day in an attempt to stay somewhat, sorta, kinda in shape. Especially now that we don’t have lockdowns and quarantines as an excuse to eat poorly (and often). So the fewer temptations that present themselves to us, the better. Well, that all changed as soon as Primo’s MX Kitchen opened downstairs from our health club, Equinox […]

Brunch Of The Week: Fine Dining That’s Actually Fun

Even after all these years, few places will ever rival the Fearing’s experience at the Ritz-Carlton, Dallas. Chef Dean Fearing (pictured above) and his team execute flawless meals morning, noon and night at his namesake Fearing’s Restaurant, so it should come as little surprise that brunch here becomes a truly special occasion, even if it’s just a plain, ordinary Sunday. […]

Brunch Of The Week: Cereal That’s Killer

Lucky Charms with Kahlua instead of milk? Brings back memories of getting sent to the principal’s office for falling down drunk during the Pledge of Allegiance in our fifth-grade homeroom class. That was the last time we ever ate from our Mom’s breakfast bowl by mistake. Well, now you can taste the indulgent decadence of sweet cereal topped with sweet […]

Brunch Of The Week: Learn To Speak Eatalian

Forget Rosetta Stone. If you want to master a new language quickly, simply head to Terra at Eataly Dallas for their new brunch. Located on the second floor, the indoor/outdoor space represents an ideal setup for our favorite meal of the week and you’ll be immersed into all things Italian. We’ve had grab-and-go and takeout from Eataly Dallas a few […]

Brunch Of The Week: Whiskey-A-Go-Go

Mom always told us we couldn’t have our cake and eat it, too. But she never said anything about having a slice and drinking it. That’s why we love Whiskey Cake, the restaurant and the dessert, because they both represent the best of everything in one tasty package. Over the years, we’ve tried the signature sweet from Whiskey Cake at […]

Brunch Of The Week: The Most Colorful Place In Town

Last weekend, we returned to our big, flamboyant roots and spent the weekend in the Oak Lawn gayborhood. During our staycation adventure, we decided to only do activities within a few blocks of our hotel home base. Of course, it wouldn’t be a real weekend for us if our plans didn’t include brunch. So we ventured to the rainbow-hued Roy […]

Brunch Of The Week: Don’t Cry, Try Argentinian

Looking for a real change of pace from the same-old, same-old brunch fare? Head to Chimichurri Argentinian Bistro & Bar in the Bishop Arts District and you’ll be treated to a variety of delectable dishes that go far beyond ho-hum Eggs Benedict and French toast (though you’ll find excellent versions of both). Whether you’re visiting for brunch or any other […]

Brunch Of The Week: Chickening Out On Cedar Springs

We just had a major realization. Is there even such a thing as a healthy brunch? And if there is, why would anyone go? For us, the joys of brunch are many: Gathering with friends. Drinking with friends. Eating decadent food that’s been deep-fried and is now dripping in hollandaise sauce, served with a side of bacon, sausage, pancakes, waffles […]