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Pink Traveler: Ultimate Peace & Quiet 90 Minutes From Dallas

Now that the holidays are over, many of us are looking for a little respite from the chaos of family and more events than we’ve had on our calendar in months. Of course, if you were quarantined because of Omicron, then you likely got plenty of rest. In either scenario, a change of scenery’s always worth the drive. And Getaway […]

Pink Traveler: Yuletide Cheer (& Cheers) In Fredericksburg, TX

Fröhliche Weihnachten! Or better yet, Fröhliche Wine–nachten! Fredericksburg, TX has deep German roots—as well as deep-rooted grapevines—so it only seems appropriate that anyone wishing to experience a German-accented holiday near more than 50 wineries, a last-minute trip to the charming town is due. It’s the latest destination we’ve fallen in love with and are happy to share as part of […]

Pink Traveler: Where To Enjoy That New Ship Smell

We have to be honest, we’d never heard of MSC Cruises until they invited us to Miami a couple of weeks ago for the MSC Seashore’s inaugural voyage out of Miami. The ship is gorgeous and the private Ocean Cay Marine Reserve is spectacular (especially at night when it turns into the biggest seaside dance party this side of a […]

Pink Traveler: Laky Days Of Summer

Imagine dipping your toes—then your entire body—into a gorgeously clear, vibrantly blue, naturally spring-fed lake and feeling all your worries from the past year slowly drift away with the gentle currents. You definitely won’t find anything remotely comparable in Dallas. Or anywhere in Texas for that matter. But it’s the promise of time well spent in one of the most […]

Pink Traveler: Cold Enough For Ya?

Some terms are so overused in media: Epic. Unique. Once-in-a-Lifetime. Yet for once, all three of these words more than aptly describe the latest offering from VACAYA—an exotic, 10-night all-inclusive cruise to Antarctica. And because it’s a VACAYA vacation, the ship will be chartered entirely for LGBT+ passengers. This globe-trotting excursion will forever change what you think of when you […]

Pink Traveler: Safe San Antonio Road Trip

Not gonna lie, we really miss travel. After going from a schedule of two to three trips per month to zero literally overnight on March 16, our wanderlust instantly turned to wanderimpotence. But as things have started getting ever-so-slightly back to normal, we decided to venture out and test the waters of the San Antonio riverwalk (not literally, of course, […]

Pink Traveler: Okie Dokie

You learn something new every day. Even know-it-alls like us! How is it that we’ve lived in Dallas all of our adult lives and we’ve never been to Broken Bow, Oklahoma? In a mere three hours, you can be in the shade of towering pine trees in the Ouachita National Forest while sipping on a cold cocktail from the private […]

(Virtual) Pink Traveler: Death Becomes Them

It’s all about the open road for us right now. Even though planes have been touted among the safest places during Covid-19 outbreaks, we’re still not ready to hop on board and head to another country, especially on a flight as long as those to Europe. So we’re trying to get our international travel fix by tracking down interesting virtual […]

Pink Traveler: Rosé All Day, All Week

We pop our cork for every guy we see. Unlike Shirley Bassey. But it’s only because we enjoy sharing wine with others. And if they’re gay, even better. So imagine our excitement when we learned that Out in the Vineyard has expanded its wildly popular Gay Wine Weekend into a full Gay Wine Week, July 16 to 22. With more […]

Pink Traveler: Summer On The Slopes

Right about now, we’re a little tired of the cold, dreary weather in Dallas. Sure, we’ve been spared any major wintry weather (so far), but our thoughts are already drifting to sun-soaked beaches and men in square-cuts carrying each other piggyback through clear, shallow waters sipping frozen drinks with tiny umbrellas in them, laughing at the perfection of their lives […]