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Sleeping Around Dallas: Feelin’ Ritzy In Uptown

In January 2020, we launched a new local travel feature. Yet by March, suddenly the word staycation meant ordering room service from Uber Eats, wearing a robe all day and not leaving your own living room (but maybe dropping an umbrella in a cocktail for a bit of whimsy). Soon, our second and final Staycation of the Month selection inadvertently […]

Sleeping Around Dallas: Park Cities Hideaway

We stay in a lot of hotels throughout the year. Mostly because it’s the only way we can get someone else to make our bed. But also because we love the entire experience of camping out in a new space for a few days, whether it’s somewhere in the Caribbean or a few miles away from home. That’s why we […]

Sleeping Around Dallas: Making A Splash In The Gayborhood

It’s been more than two decades since we lived in the heart of Oak Lawn and sometimes we genuinely miss being within walking distance of all the bars and restaurants. Not to mention being surrounded by so many beautiful LGBTQ people. So when the Warwick Melrose – Dallas invited us for a romantic weekend with our fiancé to check out […]

He’s Got Bette Davis Eyes

The most famous person we ever had dinner with was President George W. Bush. Sure, he was seated four tables away surrounded by Secret Service agents, but we’ll still count that as a celebrity dining encounter. But imagine if you actually had one of the world’s most famous movie stars come to your house for dinner—and stay for a month? […]

Sleeping Around Dallas: Cowtown Chic

Our Pink Traveler reviews take us all over the globe, but booking a relaxing vacation doesn’t necessarily require being crammed in a middle seat on a plane or having every nook and cranny inspected by TSA or Customs agents. (Although there are scenarios where we wouldn’t mind either of those inconveniences.) So as a new monthly feature, we will be […]

Dinner’s RED-y

June is the month we typically turn to an all-salad diet. But Chef John Tesar (above) has other plans for us. As the Dallas Ambassador Chef for this year’s EAT (RED) DRINK (RED) SAVE LIVES campaign, the Knife chef is bringing five guest chefs to The Highland Dallas for five days in a row. To commemorate the event, they’ll be […]

Food Fetish

If you want one of those dainty queens who eats once every third Thursday and supplements his monthly caloric intake with the occasional Tic-Tac and vodka tonic, keep looking. We’re not that type of queen. We love to eat. We love to drink. We love to be big ol’ Marys. That’s why one of our favorite events of the year […]

Summer Gaycation

We’ve enjoyed many packages at W Hotels across the nation, most often after pride parties in our favorite cities. But, regrettably, none have been quite as full and mouth-watering as the new W Pride 365 package the chain is offering. Like us, the hotel’s new deal can be taken advantage of year round. But, also like us, it might be […]