Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Trigger Me Softly

My mind works in admittedly funny ways, and sometimes what is happening in the big wide world will trigger a memory of something I hadn’t thought of in years.  So it was this week when the latest news delivered up a remembrance of a conversation I had with one of my best friends, probably when Reagan was president. I’ll call […]

Some Daddies Do

Daddy would have been a hundred years old next week, if he hadn’t been called out of the game right before the end of the third quarter.  That’s kind of where I peg dying suddenly at age 59. Using a football analogy for Daddy is a bit odd, considering he wasn’t a particular fan of the sport.  Or of baseball […]

Ordinary People, Of The Royal Variety

“I Got Rhythm.”    Well, sort of.  George Gershwin had it when he wrote it, Judy Garland had it when she sang it, and Gene Kelly had it when he danced it.  But the chord progressions associated with rhythm and its changes that are part of this jazz standard was not the rhythm that got out of time for me […]

The Gossip Game

We all do it.  Or at least most of us.  Perhaps only occasionally, and certainly not always maliciously, but gossip is part of human interaction.  Whether over the backyard fence, the telephone or two martinis, virtually everyone from time to time is invited to play the gossip game. For example, your good friend Mark tells you something about himself “but […]

It’s Not An Age Thing

When Bill Clinton won the presidency in 1992, he was a 46-year-old baby boomer, the first of four in a succession of presidents of that generation.  The line ended in 2020 when Donald Trump, a 74-year-old boomer, lost to Joe Biden, who at 77 had been born during World War II. But Joe, as we all know, did not take […]

Obvious Effects

“May I suggest, if you’re dressing to please Stephen, not that one. He doesn’t like such obvious effects.” When this insult is delivered in the dressing room scene in The Women, Norma Shearer as Mary punches the word “obvious” by raising an eyebrow and looking down the form of Joan Crawford as Crystal, leaving no doubt of her meaning. Crystal’s […]

At Last

Back when I was in college in Shreveport, there was a very attractive man of about thirty who was catnip to almost all the gay boys who were out and about in those days.  I say he was very attractive, but it was only in a very superficial way.  Because he knew he was good-looking and well-built, he was rather […]

The People On The Planet

Once upon a time, there was a planet that had no light. The People on the Planet lived in fear and dread of what would happen to them, as there were Those who were So Inclined to take advantage of the darkness to do awful things to the People on the Planet, and sometimes to each other.   So it was that […]

Another Saturday Night, And There Ain’t No Indictment

Like virtually everything in life worth doing, writing a weekly column comes with some challenges.  Having the right story to write about can be something of a balancing act.  Timing can be everything.  If a big story breaks too soon, it can be played out by Thursday when I sit to write.  Everything worth saying would have already been said. […]

Vanity Fair

Well, Oscar has put another year of awards season to bed, and the event itself was mostly uneventful, at least by Oscar standards.  No one got booed, no one got all political, no one got slapped.   Karl is not much for the red carpet part of the evening, and changing to a champagne carpet didn’t interest him much either.  I, […]