Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Why Can’t They Be More Like Us?

Several years ago, Karl and I got the opportunity to see My Fair Lady on the big screen at the Castro theater in San Francisco. I’m not sure that Karl thought of it so much as an opportunity, more like part of the ongoing requirements of being married to me. If 2001: A Space Odyssey had been playing instead, those […]

Words From The Impeachment

Most everybody has some subject about which they know more than the average bear. These resident experts may be content just knowing that they know, or they may feel compelled to parade their knowledge for all to see. The hasty and often careless use of social media to communicate in what passes today for writing gives ample opportunity for the […]


It’s already on the record that I’m not a big fan of certain words that have come into common usage in recent years, such as “parenting” and “adulting.”  While I would almost never use either of those words except sarcastically, I pretty much embrace “ghosting” as it describes something contemporary with a somewhat new word.   In that spirit, I’d like […]

By Any Other Name

Well, we got through the first day of the impeachment hearings with no problem.  I stayed very attentive during the opening statements and through the round of initial questioning by the more professional counsel of the two sides.  But once we got to the five minutes a piece for each member of the committee (the in search of a sound-bite […]

Rashomon Redux with a Helping of Streisand

Memory being a somewhat fuzzy commodity, I’m not clear on when I first saw Akira Kurosawa’s brilliant Rashomon.  I think I was in college, and it probably was part of a film series offered by the school.  In any event, it was years ago, and my remembrance of it has been about the four characters offering different versions of the […]

The Great Divides

It starts at birth, when each new bundle of joy is wrapped in either a blue or pink blanket, and the gender based conditioning begins. Before anyone even gets to Kindergarten, the concept of sex is introduced and, perhaps more importantly, the idea of the “opposite” sex. In the binary system I was born into, that put basically half of […]

A Personal Parable

Growing up, my grandmother lived with us until her death when I was nine.  From that point until I went off to college, it was just Mother, Daddy, and me.  Two opinionated adults and a somewhat precocious child. If Mother and Daddy had been of one mind in their points of view, my childhood could have been an indoctrination.  But […]

Shredding, Shopping & Shoes

Karl loves the paper shredder.  I would rather bite a concrete curb than hear the horrible sound it makes.   So on those rare occasions when I have to use it, I break his “one sheet at a time” rule and end up stuffing too much paper into the slot.  Then that grinding slows down to a growl and then a groan and then nothing. […]

Them Dems

Impeachment, polls, Giuliani, and DeGeneres have left precious little time for the Democratic presidential primary campaign.  So, with yet another debate next week, here’s a little recap to remind you who’s still in the game…sort of.

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise

In less fraught political times, the Amber Guyger trial for the murder of Botham Jean would have probably been the top national news story instead of being one of those “In other news” stories to which it was relegated.  After all, with a white female police officer killing a black man in his own living room being the story line, […]