Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

7 Men You Can Never Date

Let’s face it; we’ve all fallen prey to a handsome face, kind smile, great bulge build. Sure, at first glance, he seems like Mr. Absolutely Right. He sweeps you off your cynical feet with witty texts, great dinners and thoughtful gestures. The sex is incredible. You just made his latest selfie the wallpaper on your phone. Yes, you’re ready to […]

Poetry In Motion

It took us six years to learn the Moonwalk. And if you look closely, you’ll notice that we’re really just walking backwards quickly while flailing our arms as a form of distraction. So we’re impressed with anyone who can legitimately dance. But when a group of dancers takes the art form to levels never imagined, it’s a wonder to behold. […]

Is Your Workout Making You Fat?

It’s been said that slow and steady wins the race. So, that hour you spend on the elliptical every day is the fastest way to drop the fat, right? Wrong. While slow and steady may be true for managing your 401K, it isn’t the case when it comes to losing body fat. Instead, a workout that alternates high-intensity levels with […]

Find Your Guru

It’s no secret that the journey to self-improvement is, at best, a jagged road riddled with temptation,piss-poor judgment, and enough self-loathing to fuel some seriously epic hangovers. It’s also no revelation that having someone there to give you a few pointers on your path to a better life could save you from choosing that ‘roided-up-psycho trainer or that beginning French […]

He Will, He Will Rock You

Freddie Mercury: irreplaceable. But if there ever was an heir apparent to the throne of Queen’s biggest queen, it’s Adam Lambert, the equally flamboyant singer with the pipes of an amped-up rock-n-roll angel. In tight, sexy leather pants. This summer, entire new generations can rock out to Queen and experience the pure power of their music as the supergroup embarks […]

Chelsea, Gayly

Every night before we fall asleep, we have three simple rituals. 1. Tuck in our boyfriend early and read him the pop-up version of Lettin It All Hang Out, the RuPaul autobiography. 2. Ambien-proof the refrigerator and table saw in our scrapbooking room. 3. Watch Chelsea Lately. Dreamland simply wouldn’t be as entertaining without the final words of the night […]

Drop ‘Em & Shock ‘Em

Bodybuilding can be a real tease. During the first few months, daily dates with the barbells are rewarded with increased strength, spurts of growth, and the promise of a sculpted physique. But, like so many relationships, it’s not long before it all goes cold and putting on muscle – no matter how hard your work – seems all but impossible. […]

Top 5 Rules To Work A Room

At most networking events, people often fall into one of three categories: Interesting, Boring or Assholes. Sadly, the latter two seem to be in far greater supply than the former. To help distinguish which category people fall into and how to navigate that initial conversation, we talked to a few networking pros and came up with the top five rules […]

Sleep Is The New Sex

Yes, sleep is the new sex. It’s true–we’ve been hearing it everywhere from the subway to the Starbucks line. People can’t seem to get enough … literally. We’re sure you’ve heard it too, those elaborate fantasies of Ambien-induced sweet slumber or the near fetish-like frenzy that people have developed around thread counts. Well, if you are one of those folks […]

Tutu Fabulous

Opera. Ballet. Underwater haiku drum circles. Sometimes the arts don’t have the mass appeal they deserve. But every once in a while a performance group comes along that makes something more accessible and broadly accepted (not that you’re one to follow the crowd). Le Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo is just such a troupe, taking classical ballet and turning it […]