Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Let’s Get Dirty

Have we got a succulent morsel for you today. And it involves morsels of succulents, completely without coincidence. This Thursday evening, May 20, as part of the 31st annual LifeWalk,¬†Prism Health North Texas¬†will be kicking off a virtual event series with a special at-home, build-your-own-terrarium event with the help of the fine folks at Jade & Clover in Deep Ellum. […]

Sew Dramatic

Pull out your ultrasuede and settle in for another fantastic Ryan Murphy exec-produced Netflix series. Halston debuts today, but we received all five episodes in advance and binged them over two days. We plowed through the first four episodes in one evening and could’ve watched the fifth, but decided to save the finale for a special treat the next night. […]

Prime Time Pride

Another Pride season is just around the corner. And getting a jump start on the festivities, FX presents the first three of six PRIDE documentaries tomorrow night, covering six decades of the LGBTQ fight for equality beginning in the 1950s. What’s really great about this series is that it features people who played a big part in the movement but […]

Alyssa Edwards Is A Great Sport

We’re terribly unathletic. We still have PTSD from getting picked last every single time for every single sport in P.E. class. Except Smear the Queer. Remember that horribly named game? For some reason, we always got picked first for that one. Sheesh. Our story’s not unique, but for every gay boy who was bullied in school sports, there was probably […]

Seniors Rule!

We remember yelling “Seniors rule!” our final year of high school. A lot. But now, as we cascade over the hill toward our inevitable time tucked away in an urn somewhere, we’re chanting it for entirely different reasons. Whether you’re a senior yourself or not, this Sunday is National Honor Our LGBT Elders Day and we encourage everyone to celebrate […]

Cinco De Mayo Do-Over

It’s National Clean Your Room Day today. But instead of celebrating that nonsense, we’re going to pretend it’s Cinco de Mayo again and make ourselves a Mexican feast to celebrate our new favorite canned cocktail. Tequila Cazadores came onto our radar last fall and it’s been a staple in our liquor cabinet ever since. Well, not to be outdone by […]

Sweet! Man Candy Returns This Sunday

The Back-to-Normal Train keeps barreling through Dallas. And as it passes through Oak Lawn this weekend, it drops off Man Candy Disco at the Round-Up for the first of many delicious days in your dancing future. Featuring DJ Blaine, this event’s marketed as a “filthy, sexy dance party” and that sounds ideal for a weekend afternoon. It kicks off this […]

Brunch Of The Week: Summer Heath Wave

Because we didn’t travel much during the pandemic, even little outings such as brunch feel like mini vacations. So last weekend, we figured we’d actually make a short road trip to Eggsville by way of Mimosatown. Truth be told, an out-of-town friend needed a ride to a baby shower in Rockwall, so we had time to kill and decided to […]

Hit The Town With Your Dog

It’s difficult to do anything virtual with your dog. Trust us, we tried to have canine play dates over Zoom during the height of the lockdown and it never went well. So for this year’s SPCA of Texas Strut Your Mutt fundraiser, “virtual” has a very loose interpretation. “Schedule-your-own” would be a more accurate way to describe this year’s 3K […]

Have Fun At The Opera (Seriously)

No matter how much you love opera, many adjectives could be used to describe a typical performance. Enchanting. Dramatic. Spellbinding. The list could go on and on, but rarely in our years of being (very) casual opera-goers have we used the word “fun” as a description of our night out on the town. Of course, we realize that’s a very […]