Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Whip On In

Are you a DILF? Or do you love DILFS? Or both?! Whether the D you’d like to F is a Dude, Daddy, Discreet man or simply a Don’t know, all are welcome to this Saturday’s DILF Dallas event, Strapped. Come in your best harness, suspenders, gear, leather, underwear or jockstrap and dance the night away to hot tunes from Australia’s […]

Bitchy Science Theater 3000

Talking during movies is a big no-no. Unless you’re a professional. That’s exactly the scenario this Thursday as the Movie Likers Guild, a group of comedians, presents a screening of Mean Girls at the Texas Theatre. But they’ll be the meanest girls and boys in the room as they make fun of the movie from start to finish. It’s the […]

Netflix & Escape The Chill

‘Tis the season for binge-watching holiday movies, so why not start with one that features an LGBT storyline? Today, Netflix debuts Let It Snow, a John Hughes-worthy high-school comedy that takes place on one icy Christmas Eve. The film features a great cast, plenty of laughs and just the right amount of nipple shaving. Let It SnowOut nownetflix.com Photo courtesy […]

Brunch Of The Week: Speaking Our Language

Over the years, we’ve learned many foreign languages: French. German. Spanish. But the only one that stuck is Spanish—Spanish words for food, that is. So it’s no wonder we felt right at home at TacoLingo where they speak nothing but the language of Tex-Mex love. This recent addition to The Union near Victory Park comes from Rich Hicks, the mastermind […]

Yee To The Haw

The closest we’ve ever come to being confused for a cowboy was the time we got locked out of our house holding a rope and wearing nothing but alligator skin boots. Let’s just say the “Howdy, Pardner!” we received from the locksmith was less than convincing. But next year’s Toast to Life theme, Sequins & Saddles, falls right in our […]

When You Wish Upon A Fish

We’re not that demanding. Really. OK, we’ll wait for you to stop laughing because any regular reader knows we have standards higher than we might be entitled, but we don’t shy away from expressing our opinions. Especially when it comes to dining out in Dallas. And sushi might be the one category where we have the strongest feelings about what […]

It’s Almost Here!

Are you a November Firster? You know, one of those people who puts up a Christmas tree and turns on the 24/7 holiday channel immediately after throwing the jack-o-lanterns in the mulcher? Then we have a party for you! (Or anyone who wants to get a jump start on the holiday season.) The annual DIFFA/Dallas Wreath Collection returns Thursday, November […]

Fabu Go

Ready for a change of scenery for the Fabu Go? That’s “Fab Five” in Japanese, by the way. (At least if Google Translate is to be trusted.) Today marks a whole new season of Netflix’s smash reboot of Queer Eye, which finds the guys joined by model Kiko Mizuhara to help them around the Land of the Rising Sun. And, […]

Brunch Of The Week: Deep In The Heart Of Tejas

Variety may be the spice of life, but it can also make for a very long brunch. Especially if you have friends who are bad at making food decisions. Well, that’s practically impossible at the recently opened Tejas in the Bishop Arts District. The super-simple menu features only three breakfast tacos, three lunch/dinner versions and a trio of burgers (one […]

The Gray Agenda

When you transition from “Who’s your Daddy?” to “Who’s your Granddaddy?”— it might be time to start thinking about retirement. And potentially looking for senior housing. We’re all going to get old someday (and to many we’ve already crossed that line), so it’s fantastic that there’s a local organization with the specific needs of LGBT seniors in mind. The Coalition […]