Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

28 Broadway Shows In 100 Minutes

What an exciting week! The arts continue their triumphant resurgence all around town and today, we have yet another example. Lyric Stage celebrates 100 years of the Majestic Theatre and its own 28th season by producing a 100-minute show featuring 28 of Broadway’s all-time greatest hits and past Lyric Stage fan favorites. (The math/numerology/theater nerd in us is so happy […]

Get Whiskied Away

It’s a good thing we live in Texas. Because we like things big. (Lots and lots of things.) Well, this weekend, our boozy dreams come true as the Whiskies of the World tasting event returns to Dallas after a pandemic-related year off. With 27 brands represented, you’ll definitely learn a lot about whiskey (and whisky). At least until about Sample […]

Music For The Dearly Departed

It’s time to honor the dead again. And not just dropping a few of Nana’s ashes into our martini like we normally do. Instead, The Dallas Symphony Orchestra will be there to help make mourning a beautiful and celebratory experience. This Halloween Sunday at 3:00 p.m., the talented musicians present a beautiful, sometimes haunting musical lineup for their Día de […]

Yes, We Have Phone Bananas

The moment the good people at Banana Phone wrote us to see if we’d try out their hilarious fruit-shaped Bluetooth device, we immediately had an earworm flashback. The sped-up version of Raffi’s kids’ tune, also called Banana Phone, haunted our every waking moment and futile attempt to sleep back in 2006 when one of our co-workers introduced it to us […]

Brunch Of The Week: C’mon Get Happiest

Prime patio season is officially upon us. And few places in town have better outdoor digs than Happiest Hour in the Harwood District. And even fewer places have heartier brunch options, either. Plus, everything on the brunch menu has a creative twist. The Crab Cake Benedict gets extra richness from poblano butter. Boozy French Toast comes with Fireball maple syrup […]

Mask Up Your Member

It’s hard to believe that in 2021 people are still embarrassed to purchase condoms. Especially anyone requiring extra-large ones. We would demand a price check over the intercom at CVS every time we went to the register if that were the case. But we digress. Some people are still shy about their prophylactic purchases, while others simply don’t want to […]

You Bet Your Sweet Bippy

One of the many things we hope becomes a semi-permanent thing after Covid-19’s in our rearview mirror: outdoor theater. We love watching local stars, well, under the stars! This weekend, one of the craziest, funniest, ghost-adjacent variety shows returns courtesy of Theatre Three and Danielle Georgiou Dance Group. The Bippy Boppy Boo Show: Again! Again! takes over the Samuell-Grand Amphiteater […]

Party Like It’s 1909

As gay men ever-so-slightly starting to show our age, we have to hang out with the occasional 112-year-old to feel young again. Thankfully, Spoetzl Brewery’s got us covered with their small-batch Shiner 1909 Heritage Lager. Crafted with the same ingredients used to make beer back in 1909 when the brewery in Shiner, Texas was founded, this is an awesome beer […]

Get Lost In Oak Cliff (& South Asia, Too)

It’s a perfect weekend to hang out with some vampires. Or some of the most interesting LGBTQ people from South Asia. Perhaps all of the above. This Saturday, you have your choice of queer films as CinéWilde presents The Lost Boys from gay auteur Joel Schumacher with a pre-screening Q&A and a spooky-themed afterparty for a full night’s entertainment. Earlier […]

Terrifying Threesomes & Other Scary Halloween Treats

Sometimes we like something long and satisfying that we can really sink our teeth into, but on other occasions, bite-size works just fine, too. That’s kind of our mantra for a trio of our favorite things: hookups, candy and scary movies. And speaking of things that come in threes, the new season of Bite Size Halloween on Hulu features a […]