Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Yes, We Canned!

We’ve been drinking so many canned boozy beverages this summer, we sure hope aluminum poisoning isn’t a thing. (Hmmm, maybe we should be more worried about liver failure.) The latest canned booze selection in our poolside ice chest comes from Ranch Rider Spirits out of Austin. Currently, they offer a trio of refreshing, perfect-for-summer sips made with nothing but premium […]

Any Winehouse

Who’s ready for some home schooling? Don’t worry, we’re not going to torture you with lessons about science, economics or math—or WILL we? During the Reddy Vineyards’ Virtual Tasting Series, you’ll learn a little bit about how they make their Texas wines (science), what a good value their wines are (economics) and how quickly you can consume 3/4 of a […]

Corny Dogs On Demand

Yesterday’s news about the cancellation of the State Fair of Texas came as a bittersweet reality check. Sure, it’s sad that we won’t get to play our annual game of “Find the Hot Carny” or scour the fairgrounds for the stands with five-coupon beer, but we’re also happy that the organizers are keeping everyone’s safety a top priority. Of course, […]

Frozen In The Heat At The Dallas Arboretum

Social distancing is easiest in wide, open spaces. And they don’t get much more wide or open than the Dallas Arboretum. So head to the great outdoors for some fresh air, beautiful scenery and a bunch of very, very still people lurking about. No, they’re not a bunch of creeps staring blankly at you, but a collection of lifelike art […]

Good Queen Fun

We were in a real funk yesterday morning after watching too much news coverage, reading too many political Facebook posts and not yet having a cocktail in our hand. Then we got an e-mail from Aline Mayne and everything changed. The singer sent us a link to the music video for “Princess Boy” and our whole day turned around. Fun, […]

Boom! There It Is!

Fireworks this year definitely won’t be the same. And they definitely won’t look anything like the photo above from last year. For one thing, nearly every community has canceled them entirely or eliminated the ability to watch in person from a designated venue. Even Addison Kaboom Town!, which previously thought the show might go on, has gone to a virtual […]

Vomit With Your Besties

We’ve never been huge fans of partying with large groups of randos. These days, the thought makes us really cringe. But the good folks over at Rainbow Vomit earlier this summer debuted a way to enjoy their signature multi-colored experience space with only those you trust. Even if it’s just you, yourself and, well, you. (That doesn’t work nearly as […]

Happy 4th Of Boo-ly!

These are scary times. So why not lean into the dread and have a little fun with it? While other people are watching fireworks on Zoom, you could be out social-distance ghost hunting. That’s right, this weekend there are two chances to show your paranormal patriotism with two investigations led by Haunted Rooms America. Friday night, head out to White […]

Write On

O.M.G. We are so excited to feature a virtual event that has an entirely different twist to it—one in which you can showcase your creativity. This Thursday, Cry Havoc Theater Company presents Project Ghostlight, where participants are encouraged to submit in advance two minutes worth of writing. Whether it’s a poem, short story, song or other written medium, your submission […]

Come Del Or High Water

What a weird, weird Pride Month this has been. Yet it’s still hard to believe the Big Rainbow Celebration ends tomorrow. Luckily, the Greg Dollgener Memorial AIDS Fund (GDMAF) has scheduled an event to send June out on a high note. Tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m., the organization joins forces with The Dallas Wings to present Rise Together. Hosted by […]