Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Happy Trails

There’s an old adage: “If you don’t like the weather in Texas, just wait a minute and it will change.” But for anyone who has survived a summer here, you’ll know that is far from true. Unless said “change” is going from hot enough to make one appear perpetually “dewy,” to so hot that you sweat through your undies. So, […]

Wingin’ It

For better or worse, we gays have raised the bar on gift giving. In days gone by, a cheap bottle of Champale or some mangled drugstore bouquet, complete with carnations, would have made for a more than adequate hostess gift. But these days, it’s all about presentation and originality, especially if you want to be invited back. So if you’re […]

Know Before You Show

As they sing in the musical Camelot, “It’s May, It’s May, the lusty month of May.” Not sure what lust has to do with the month, but laughs are certainly in order with some over-the-top musicals and silly satires ready to take the stage. You can peep at some toms during The Full Monty, throw popcorn at the bad guys […]

What’s The Story, Groomer Boy?

We interrupt today’s previously scheduled snarky message for a new occasional feature on Gay List Daily, the Q&A (Queeries and Answers). Some might call it getting’ up in your business, but we call it journalism. And here’s what our new BFF Jai Rodriguez, host of the reality show Groomer Has It, had to say about dogs, dudes and Dallas: Q: […]

Mayday! Mayday! Social Calendar Overload In Progress

Never fear, your fairy godfairies are here to point you to the weekend’s hottest events inside cool, refreshing ozone-killing, air-conditioned buildings. Global warming never felt so fun. Madonnarama Friday, May 2, 9:00 p.m. Put on your favorite cone bra and your best fake British accent. Friday night is all about celebrating all that Madge has done for the world as […]

Caucus, Party Of One

Face it, it’s time we find a candidate who cares about the real issues plaguing society. Problems like people who bring a cart load of crap through the 15-item or less line, drivers with a habitual left-turn signal on (are they going around the world to the left?) and the jerkiest of all – the loud-talking guy who wears the […]

Gilt Trip

We love fashion. And we love a bargain. Because that means more money for cocktails! Uh, we mean more money for starving children, world peace and saving the environment. Typically, discount clothing means digging through bins at TJ Maxx for slightly irregular Calvin Klein underwear in hot pink with three legs. Or sissy-slapping the guy next to you over the […]

Ricky Ricardo, Mojitos, and Mambo

Add La Cubanita to the list. Sure, it’s not technically a Cuban export, but it’s about as close a trip to Castroland as you’ll find in Dallas. The newest restaurant from prolific restaurateur Alberto Lombardi features authentic dishes and inspired twists. Crazy busy at night, this is still a fantastic somewhat undiscovered gem for lunch. At least for now. The […]

Gin And Share It

It’s one thing to enjoy art in some snooty gallery surrounded by bowties and Botox, but if you really want the bohemian 411 you’ve got to go where the creative types work (and occasionally live). This weekend, the artists of the 120-year-old Continental Gin Building in Deep Ellum are opening their studio doors and letting you deep into the underbelly […]

Cho Us What You Got

Oh ye of routine weekend plans, break free from the shackles of chain restaurant dinners and Blockbuster rentals and indulge in something new. To get you started, we’ve pulled together a week’s worth of outings that will kick your monotony right in the hoo-hah. The thrill may be so titillating that next thing we know you’ll be staying up late […]