Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Lush-ious Little Helper

Whether your sugar daddy hasn’t sprung for that new wine cellar yet, or you are just one of those wound-tight, Martha Stewart types who wants everything “just so” – your favorite new gadget is here. The Wedge (not to be confused with the kitten heel or sling-back mule) is a nifty gadget that literally wedges stacks of wine bottles or […]

Don’t Hate. It’s November 8.

Social butterflies, prepare to have your wings atwitter with entertainment options aplenty in store this week. Get your culture on with a trip to the museum, sip on a sugary sweet serenade from a “powerpop” boy band and make sure to leave room for your daily requirement of artsy circus acts too. Weekend Calendar Art Into Rock Thursday, November 8 […]

Bully To You

Think of us as the gay(er) version of Oprah’s book club. Our literary scholars head directly for the back of the gay bookstore where the actual literature resides (after a quick perusal of a few “photographic” magazines, of course) to find you the latest and greatest in gay-interest books. A Push and a Shove is the first novel from gay […]

Big And Beefy

Open wide. No, wider. C’mon, unhinge that jaw a little, there’s a new burger in town. And it’s big. Really big. (Insert your own jokes about juicy meat, plump buns and special sauce here). The Tin Star across from the Quadrangle is history, but the restaurant space’s next chapter is black, white and red all over. Get ready to sink […]

Know Before You Show

Fergie may not want any drama (no, no, no drama), but we do. And while you’re at it, pile on the comedies, too, and maybe some hunky dancer types for good measure. November is bulging at the seams with great shows just begging to be watched, and you can take a peek for just a few bucks. NOH – Angels, […]

Lord Of The Key Rings

You’ve bought the Johnny Fairplay Fajita Factory, Anna Nicole’s Nietzsche Books on Tape Series, and America’s Next Top Model Train Set, but they’ve all left you with a bit of buyer’s remorse. Now get ready to rethink everything you ever thought you knew about reality-TV-star-designed products. Best known as half of the hottest gay male team to ever win The […]

Just Say No!(vember)

Happy Day of the Dead, everyone! Or National Men Make Dinner Day, the start of National Fig Week, and if you prefer to get your ugly on, Lyle Lovett’s birthday. But no matter how you choose to celebrate, here’s where you can spread the gay in our fair city this weekend. Weekend Calendar Fashion at the Park Today – Sunday, […]

Queer Eye Blind?

When you reach in your closet (or any closet for that matter), the last thing you’re going to find is Carson Kressley. So what’s a gay to do if he’s born with a body for sin and a fashion sense from hell? Fear not. There’s a new bible in town and it’s all about fashion, whether you’re a victim of […]

Bitchin’ Kitchen

For centuries, one question has plagued scholars: why is it every time there’s a party, the crowd ends up in the kitchen? We don’t know either, but before you get ready to rock the house with your next über fete, we recommend a visit with the ladies at Kitchen Design Concepts to delve into your culinary psyche. Rather than just […]

OUT & About

It’s here, it’s queer, and it’s taking over the Magnolia Theater in the West Village, November 2-11. OUT TAKES Dallas Film Festival is painting the town pink once again with a collection of tantalizing titles including Gay B&B of Terror, Naked Boys Singing and Itty Bitty Titty Committee. But all great gay cinema aside, they had us at homo with […]