Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

C’mon And Shake A Tail Feather

It's time to get your gobble on – Thanksgiving has arrived. Amidst the gluttony, family and Tryptophan-induced comas, a few glimmers of fun still exist and we’ve pulled them all together. So give sitting at home the bird and head out to one of these see-and-be-seen, shop-and-be-shopped events. Weekend Calendar Tuscan-Twist Thanksgiving at Ferré Thursday, November 22, 11:30 a.m. to […]

Gee, Your Bitch Smells Terrific!

Just because she’s a little crazy, eats her own hair and poops on the floor every once in a while, doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve her own signature fragrance. And no, we’re not talking about Elizabeth Taylor. Meet Sexy Beast, a line of fantastic products for the fashionably spoiled canine. But it’s the Signature Fragrance that’s got our tails wagging. […]

Foam Party

You know how in Poltergeist, the family’s house was built on top of an ancient Indian burial ground and the little girl gets sucked into the TV and a bunch of evil ensues? So, what do you think happens when a business is built on top of an ancient gay male strip club? Goodbye, Maleboxx. The neighborhood’s been cleaned up. […]

Check Out That Drive Shaft

Car shopping can make anyone’s heart race. For some, it’s the thrill of driving away in a sparkling new beauty engulfed in the sultry pheromone of new car smell. For others, it’s the dread of having to haggle with a sour-breathed, “what do I have to do to get you in this car?” salesman. Whether you’re a certified autophile or […]

Italian, Stallion

Mixing traditional Italian cuisine with tried-n-true Texas fare could prove to be more disastrous than Amy Winehouse versus the childproof pill bottle, but it worked out just right for the new Café Italia location in North Oak Cliff, just across Davis from the Bishop Arts District. For carb purists, there’s faves like Spaghetti and Meatballs ($14.95), Chicken Picatta ($15.50) or […]

Pre-Holiday Entertainment Blowout!

This is the final weekend before the holiday crunch hits, and you’re stuck going to the same party every night for a month. You know the one. It’s always at a different house, but the food’s catered by Sam’s Club (mini quiche, anyone?), and there isn’t nearly enough champagne to lapse into a nice, relaxing Bollinger coma. So get your […]

Handmade Crusade

Face it, there’s only room in the world for a certain number of Martha Stewart crafty types, and maybe you’re not one of ‘em. But with some selective surfing and a wave of the credit card, you can have anyone believing that you are a veritable glue-gun toting, do-it-yourself guru. Note: removing the price tag helps add to the authenticity. […]

Lucky 13

As the ancient proverb goes, “Brunch is just like heaven, somewhere between breakfast and lunch.” And at Trece Mexican Kitchen and Tequila Lounge, the servers might as well have wings and halos. As soon as you sit down, you’re treated to a decadent assortment of carbs. Glorious, cinnamony carbs. (And savory ones, too!) But don’t fill up on the freebies […]

Lose The Beard

Toss out the Barbasol and go for a pampered shave. Step back into a time when the barber shop wasn’t just a place for pulling teeth, blood-letting and a relaxing enema, but a mecca of manliness where time and care were taken in the perfected art of a good, clean shave. Now you can have the red-and-white pole experience in […]

Lush-ious Little Helper

Whether your sugar daddy hasn’t sprung for that new wine cellar yet, or you are just one of those wound-tight, Martha Stewart types who wants everything “just so” – your favorite new gadget is here. The Wedge (not to be confused with the kitten heel or sling-back mule) is a nifty gadget that literally wedges stacks of wine bottles or […]