Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

No ‘Pagne. All Grain.

Tiny bubbles in the wine make us happy. But despite the immortal words of Don Ho, we want something more. Something stronger. Something more cosmopolitan. And, well, something that could go in a Cosmopolitan. Be the first to partake of what’s sure to be the latest trend in alcoholic beverages – sparkling liquor. After successfully tickling the tongues of Europeans […]

Pink Is The New Black

Oprah, girlfriend, you missed out. You may think your little book club finds all the clever, undiscovered tomes to make instant bazillionaires out of the authors, and you, of course. But here on the Gay List Daily Bookmobile, we have books that people actually want to read and in the case of our favorite new memoir, you can bet ain’t […]

Fake It, Then Make It

Now, we would never encourage bold face lying, as that’s completely wrong and immoral. But there’s nothing in the fibbing rulebook about adding a little color and flair to one’s stories. And have we found the crayon box mother lode for your next dramatic re-enactment. Just a few clicks on the World Wide Interweb, and you’ll find yourself at says-it.com, […]