Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Portrayals, Percentages & Props.

Stray not from the life of prayer.  Consider these concerns. Portrayals.  I try not to acknowledge any others gods other than my own Lord and Savior.  However, I’m making an exception this week.  I learned much about the Egyptian gods during a mission trip to Cairo many years ago.  (Camels are very uncomfortable as a means of transportation!)  I give […]

Debs. Demi. Denim.

What a week of prayer concerns! Debs.  From what I understand, Monday was National Coming Out Day.  I saw where even Brother President Joe Biden offered official greetings.   Let me add my best wishes to ‎debutantes across the land on this auspicious day of presentations.  In keeping with the seeming exclusivity of such coming out balls, may your bloodlines be […]

Whacko, Whistle & William.

Pray about these burdens with me. Whacko.  Christian media is losing an on-air stalwart of faith.  Brother Pat Robertson, founder of THE 700 CLUB, is stepping down from his television ministry.  Fortunately, the show will continue under the leadership of Brother Pat’s son, Gordon.  I will surely miss Brother Pat’s smiling visage, his genial way of presenting complete whacko nonsense, […]

Television, Tammy & Tom.

Hear then, O sinners, my calls for prayer. Television.   I am clearly out of touch with television these days.  A recap of the Emmy Awards proves that.  What are these shows?  I thought THE CROWN was another Jesus story, like THE ROBE.  Then I thought that THE QUEEN’S GAMBIT was about a monarch in Vegas.  You mean TED LASSO isn’t […]

Sluts, Surgeons & Storms

Gather at the throne of prayer with me, all ye who read. Sluts.  We have had to witness TWO parades of fabric filth fashioned as frocks.  The Video Music Awards, which I refuse to watch, gave rise to a bevy of Satanic musicians proudly showing their lack of taste on national television.  How do I know?  The media makes sure […]

Texas, Texas, Texas!

Pray for my home state.  I’m already on my knees. Texas.  As a Christian and Babatist, I’m so grateful to have my ministry based here in Texas.  I can always depend on our state government to err on the side of biblical morality time and again.  Err, being the operative word here.  Our esteemed Governor, Brother Greg Abbott, has been […]

Kids, Content & Cookies.

I am wringing my hands in anxiety this week.  Read on…… Kids.  The homosexual agenda is just getting out of hand.  It’s bad enough that we had a sodomite try to run for President last year.  Then, after not getting the nomination, he was nominated for a cabinet post in the new administration.  We have one of the gays as […]

Comet, Cosmos & Cuomo.

Hearken ye to my words of wisdom and comfort. Comet.  Sometimes, obituaries of note are more obscure than others, resonating only with those of us in our elder years.  This week brought us one such passing.  Sister Jane Withers left this mortal coil at the age of 95.  She had been a contemporary of Sister Shirley Temple as a child […]

Bad. Bath. Bass.

Things are rather down in the mouth this week. Bad.  I have always wanted to anoint Brother Matt Damon in oils.  In the past, it has been as an act of blessing for his work and his beatific smile.  Now, I feel the need to anoint him in ministry.  Bless his heart.  I’ll admit that my tongue of judgment can […]

Sports, Sports & Shots.

I’m feeling athletic this week. Sports.  I hate sports.  It’s just not a subject which usually interests me.  However, this week, I must turn my prayers in such direction.  I don’t understand all of what’s going on, but college football in my neck of the woods is in an uproar.  Apparently, the University of Texas and University of Oklahoma are […]