Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Wives, Wigs & Weirdos.

Post-Thanksgiving Reflections. Wives.  Our great country has a marvelous history of Presidential wives.  All the way back to Sister Martha Washington through Sister Doctor Jill Biden, these women have stood by their men in leadership and support.  While some First Ladies have endured strife beyond compare, and one has shown the First Breasts, each has left their mark.  As a […]

Social. Speaker. Sin.

These must be end times……….. Social.  Anytime I see the word “gospel” in a headline, I am immediately drawn to it.  I always pray for a renewal of the gospel in our sick land.  So it was a comfort when I saw a story online this week about the resurgence of the “Social Gospel” movement.  At first, I was concerned […]

Water. Winner. Writer.

It has been a week for contemplation.  Won’t you join me? Water.  You may have missed this important news story, so let me offer my Christian commentary.  Sister Brooke Shields, former teen slut, has been on a seemingly healthy hydration diet.  I know that I drink the water of life on a daily basis myself, so good for her.  Apparently, […]

Freaks, Fiestas & Friends.

Let us bind Satan this week. Freaks.  As if the world around us isn’t scary enough, Halloween is the one night of the year when adults encourage their children to disguise themselves as freaks and go door to door asking for handouts.  Clearly a Democrat celebration.  I find the entire affair rather pagan and unchristian.  However, in the Spirit (so […]

Football, Baseball & Hardball.

Let’s pray about balls this week, shall we? Football.  I can’t believe that I’m actually giving Christian commentary on anything sports-related since I am far from that kind of woman.  However, some things merit my attention.  With my ministry being based in the great city of Dallas, I’d have to be deaf and dumb to not be aware of our […]

Christians. Chaim. Cheese.

Christians and Jews and the cheese they eat. Christians.  It saddens my heart when someone who professes Christian values gets caught in a moment of weakness.  I support my fellow saints who are always prepared to lay hands on another.  Sister Lauren Boebert recently brought these talents to the theater.  Unfortunately, she was in the audience for this performance while […]

Intermarriage, Interruption & Intercession.

The I’s have it this week. Intermarriage.  Well, this just makes me urp.  There are certain newscasters I admire for their friendly demeanor, trustworthiness and general charm.  Sister Robin Roberts has always been one of those people for me.  I was on my knees for her all through her cancer challenges.  I turned to her religiously for current events.  I […]

Price, Purity & Peaches.

Thoughts and Prayers, People. Price.  I always try to remember the saints who pass on when I write this column.  I also have commented on a few sinners’ demise as well, but not this time.  Brother Bob Barker, a staple of wholesome television entertainment, was called home recently, just shy of his 100th birthday.  His early years of hosting the TV […]

Laughter. Light. Labor.

Let us pray. Laughter.  Isn’t it interesting how some things from our childhood can give us the gift of laughter?  I often recall fun times in Vacation Bible School as a young person which cause me to smile.  Surprisingly, I often found myself amused by someone who made a career out of acting like a child for the sake of […]

Power, Paxton & Parade.

These are end times.  Literally! Power.  As an evangelical Christian, I keep a close eye on Israel and all that happens there.  I fervently believe that the Lord shall return to Jerusalem on the day that Israel is united.  Knowing full well that the Lord sometimes needs help, Christians are bound and determined to support Israel for purely rapture reasons.  […]