Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Sports, Sports & Shots.

I’m feeling athletic this week. Sports.  I hate sports.  It’s just not a subject which usually interests me.  However, this week, I must turn my prayers in such direction.  I don’t understand all of what’s going on, but college football in my neck of the woods is in an uproar.  Apparently, the University of Texas and University of Oklahoma are […]

CPAC. Sparks. Space.

Let us continue to look up. CPAC.  As you may have heard, the Conservative Political Action Conference held its annual event this past weekend here in my home base of Dallas.  What a blessing to have such fine conservative people gathering just minutes from my own home.  Siste…………uh…….Caitlyn Jenner was in attendance and was ministered to in an impromptu tête-à-tête […]

Free, Freestyle & Freedom.

Let us be free! Free.  Break out the Jell-O!  Brother Bill Cosby has been released from prison and is now free to hawk pudding and gelatin.  Interesting, since both items are wobbly and soft.  Much like the way in which he was released, but I digress.  Brother Bill is looking forward to reappearing in the public eye by “working with […]

Hotel. Holding. Horrified.

I am in full perplexed mode this week. Hotel.  Some things just make me ask “why”?  It is reported that the highest hotel rooms in the world have just become available in a 2000-ft. tower in Shanghai.  Restful sleep is often referred to as “sleeping on a cloud”, but what about sleeping above the clouds?  On a clear day, I’m […]

Sojourn, Solstice & Sodomite.

Refreshed and ready to preach. Sojourn.  Brothers and Sister, I hope you’ll forgive the absence of this column last week.  I was away on a personal sojourn celebrating my birthday.  The Lord has granted me another year of abundant life to remain on this earth and spread the Word.  I will not reveal my age, as I don’t want to […]

Liz. Lilibet. Liftoff.

Points to ponder. Liz. Sister Liz Cheney is back in the news beating her drum of disdain for our former President. Of the belief that he was the one who incited the January 6 Capitol insurrection, she has proclaimed, “I think what Donald Trump did is the most dangerous thing, the most egregious violation of an oath of office of any president […]

GOP. Gavin. Gays.

Things that make you think, Gee…………. GOP.  I have no idea who originally came up with the moniker of Grand Old Party (GOP) for the Repugnicants.  Also, who assigned the elephant as the mascot?  I’d like to offer my own thoughts here.  Grand is really short for Grandiose since so many of today’s Party leaders have delusions of such.  And […]

Bucks, Buckets & Bucknell.

The buck stops here this week. Bucks.  Conservative, evangelical Christians have long turned to one man for financial advice. Brother Dave Ramsey. With his folksy demeanor and professed Christian faith, he is the savings savior for the saved. It’s always a blessing to hear Christians of meager means testify as to how they’ve followed Brother Dave’s advice and been able to refinance their […]

Medina, Ministry & Masks.

The Lord has spoken to me this week in these ways. Medina.  After the recent Kentucky Derby horse race (gambling!!), it was revealed that the winning horse tested positive for a high level of an anti-inflammatory drug.  Listen, I’ve been known to down more than my fair share of Aleve, but it’s never disqualified me from spreading the gospel.  Nonetheless, […]

Guilty. Gates. Greek.

Circle the prayer wagons! Guilty.  The GOP (Repugnicans) are truly at war within.  Politicians once seen as conservative are now pariahs in their own party for being too “liberal.”  The latest to hang in the balance is Sister Liz Cheney (not to be confused with her sibling, Lez Cheney).  Because Sister Cheney has dared to defy former president he-who-shall-not-be-named, she […]