Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Dancing, Deadheading & Demonizing.

These are my prayer requests and supplications. Dancing.  Television shows these days are reaching new lows in what is considered entertainment.  I miss the good Christian values of a program like FATHER KNOWS BEST or BONANZA.  Instead, alleged reality shows seem to be the bread and butter of network fare.  Gag me.  As a Babatist, I refuse to endorse any […]

Parentheticals, Perversions & Purchases.

From royalty to riches. Parentheticals.  Grieving over the death of my Sister-in-Christ, Betty Windsor (see how close we were?).  The Lord allowed her to walk this earth for a long time and be a Queen for over 70 years.  (Surpassed only by Brother Ian McKellan.)  While she was never a perfect person (I still hold that title), Betty was a […]

Flood, Filth & Forgiveness

Flood. I regret not having a column last week, but as you may have heard, things here in my home base of Dallas were a little wet. While prayers had been lifted up, beseeching the Lord for relief from a drought, I apparently prayed too hard. We all know that my prayers are heard more clearly, so this town was deluged with a […]

Props, Proposals & Problems.

What are we to do? Props.  I recently read a story about my Texas Governor and his efforts to bus immigrants from the Texas border to New York City and Washington, DC.  It is his compassionate duty to allow the mayors of those two cities to display their infrastructure to take care of this influx.  These northerners believe, to the […]

Jail, Jesus & John.

On your knees , heathens. Jail.  As a Dallas-based Babatist Christian, I take notice when mighty conferences of faith take place here in my home city.  Such it was this past weekend as the Conservative Political Action Conference took place this weekend.  A host of conservative, evangelical acorns (nuts) gathered to proselytize and opine on all things of Christian nationalism.  […]

The Beaver, The Bear & The Fox.

And the Lord created all the beasts of the field. Beaver.  What a loss of fine family values!  Brother Tony Dow met his Maker this week at the age of 77.  Some of you children may not know that name, but to many of a certain age, he was a part of one the most wholesome families on television.  Brother […]

Roe, Run & Runts.

Fish Eggs and Frat Boys are in my thoughts this week. Roe.  I am so over all this talk about Roe.  By definition, “Roe” is a term for fish eggs.  In this day and age of inflation and high prices, why are we worried about caviar?  This seems a bit much.  I think we should stick to more important issues […]

Mommy. Melting. Mauling.

I’ve been losing sleep over this week’s events.  Pray with me. Mommy.  Oh, how the mighty have fallen.  Literally.  Sister Ivana Trump, first wife of you-know-who and mother of the spawn, has left this mortal coil after falling down the stairs of her palatial townhome in Manhattan.  Perhaps it was the danger of fancy high heels after 70.  Perhaps it was […]

Ticket, Travel & Telescope.

The Lord is moving, and we need to as well! Ticket.  I’d like to offer prayer for a fine Sister-in-Christ here in my home city of Dallas.  In light of the recent Supreme Court ministry on women’s health and the redefinition of where life begins, Sister Brandy Bottone was recently solo navigating her car on the freeways of Dallas when she […]

Fireworks. France. Faith.

Three important prayer requests. Fireworks.  The Fourth of July holiday never ceases to amaze me as it passes with numerous reports of careless explosive behavior.  Unlike the firecracker explosions of the Daffy Duck variety, real life occurrences do not allow for merely readjusting ones beak.  Besides, every canine in captivity gets highly irritated by the explosive sounds of celebratory munitions.  And […]