Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Rockin’ Around The Hannukah Bush

December isn’t just about Christmas. It’s true! We looked it up on Google! In this part of the country, Jewish traditions often get overlooked (or at the very least overshadowed) because of some baby born in a barn or something a long, long time ago in a land far, far away.  But Uptown Players ensures that this year the Christian […]

The Best Hour Of The Week Falls On Mondays

What are you doing today at 4:00 p.m.? If the answer lies somewhere between “Nothing” and “Help me think of an excuse to tell my boss”, we’ve got a suggestion that will make your Monday. Hell, it’ll make your week. Ever since Loro opened in Dallas, the concept from Uchi chef Tyson Cole and Franklin Barbecue pitmaster Aaron Franklin has […]

Lifestyles Of The Rich (& Pretending To Be)

There’s nothing quite like driving a $365,000 car to get new insights into humankind. But when the Avondale Group offered us a McLaren 720s Spider for a long-weekend loaner, we couldn’t resist the opportunity. To be clear, we’re not ones to be impressed by sports cars, no matter how loud, fast, or expensive they might be. Much like the ability […]

Sleeping Around Dallas: The Grape Escape

A long weekend. Barrels upon barrels of wine. And rolling around in a king-size bed with someone you love. (Or like enough to roll around with.) Sounds like a dream experience for us, but one that’s made exponentially better when it takes place outside your own home. With the summer travel season pretty much over now that Labor Day’s behind […]

Sleeping Around Dallas: Making A Splash In The Gayborhood

It’s been more than two decades since we lived in the heart of Oak Lawn and sometimes we genuinely miss being within walking distance of all the bars and restaurants. Not to mention being surrounded by so many beautiful LGBTQ people. So when the Warwick Melrose – Dallas invited us for a romantic weekend with our fiancé to check out […]

Sleeping Around Dallas: Feelin’ Ritzy In Uptown

In January 2020, we launched a new local travel feature. Yet by March, suddenly the word staycation meant ordering room service from Uber Eats, wearing a robe all day and not leaving your own living room (but maybe dropping an umbrella in a cocktail for a bit of whimsy). Soon, our second and final Staycation of the Month selection inadvertently […]

Your Queer Music Playlist This Memorial Day Weekend

It’s the final weekend before Pride Month and two queer artists have new music out that couldn’t be more different. First up, Aja (whom you’ll remember from RuPaul’s Drag Race). Their new album, CROWN, dropped last week with a whopping 20 songs, giving you plenty of bang for your LGBTQ music buck. Check out one of our favorite tracks, “Like […]

Celebrate Pride Face-to-Face Once Again In 2021!

It’s official, Dallas Pride returns to an outdoor celebration this year, June 4 and 5. After a virtual celebration in 2020, we’re sure everyone’s as excited as we are to be (safely) out and about to share our LGBTQ Pride. The full press release of today’s announcement can be found in… 3… 2… 1… It’s outdoors and in-person: Dallas Pride […]

Where To Get Your Wigs & Eggs This Weekend

Those in Fort Worth have an option for drag brunch, too, so those of us in Dallas can no longer claim exclusivity for access to wigs, waffles, high heels and huevos. MyOhMy The Show presents its popular Drag With Me Brunch this Saturday and pretty much every Saturday for the foreseeable future. And if you’re visiting Cowtown for this event, […]