Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Sex On The Beach (& Ships, Too)

Even though we can travel pretty much anywhere in the world and be our big ol’ gay selves, there’s something so much more enjoyable about vacationing with other gays. Entire ships and resorts full of LGBT folks exclusively, to be more specific. While Atlantis Events and RSVP Vacations have become synonymous with the all-gay travel experience, we recently learned about […]

Who Wants To Sleep With John Waters?

Let’s go chasing Waters next fall! But it won’t be much of a contest because we know exactly where to find him: Camp John Waters. How we never heard of this debaucherous experience until now will haunt us until our dying day, but we’re making up for lost time and going full-in for the long weekend in Connecticut next September. […]

Feeling Toasty?

Ready to visit the gayest speakeasy of all time? Well, you’ll have to wait until March 30 for Resource Center’s Bootlegger’s Ball, also known as next year’s Toast to Life event. But don’t worry, tomorrow night you can attend the official Toast to Life mixer and get a sneak peek of what’s in store. It all takes place at the new modern American […]

Sleeping Around Mexico City

¡Viva Mexico! This past July, we headed south of the border to Mexico City for the first time and spent nine days exploring this fantastic, huge, cosmopolitan destination. We experienced so many wonderful things that we decided to split our travel coverage into two stories, focusing exclusively on hotels we stayed in for this first installment. Read on for our […]

Cher-ing Is Caring

Our love for Cher’s new album falls somewhere between our passion for puppies and vodka. Which is pretty much the highest praise possible. We just finished listening to the entire album, Dancing Queen, out this Friday. The 10-song compilation of ABBA cover tunes might be the most epically perfect pairing in the history of the world. Words can’t even describe how […]

Ready For A Mimosa-Soaked Weekend?

If you’re in town this Labor Day weekend, don’t fret over FOMO because you’re not on vacation somewhere. Instead, milk your time in town for all its worth. But rather than actual milk, how about a ton of champagne and orange juice? The Deep Ellum Mimosa Walk takes to the streets this Sunday from 11:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Check […]

Camp It Up

We remember summer camp fondly. Mostly because we had a major crush on a counselor named Chad who was so old and wise (and hunky). Yeah, he was 18 and we were 14 with raging hormones. Well, now we have the opportunity to go to camp as adults. And quite possibly find a whole-new Chad that actually wants to be stared […]

Hail To Dallas’ Burger Queen

Mariel Street likes to stick interesting things between buns. Lamb. Bison. Ahi Tuna. Marinated cucumbers. Hashbrowns. Gorgonzola. You’ll likely find the talented restaurateur at one of her many Liberty Burger locations around town, so if you see her when you visit, make sure to thank her for elevating the burger game in Dallas ever since the first location opened in 2010. It’s hard […]

A Super-Awesome, Totally Fantastic, OK Road Trip

Located 200 miles from Dallas via Interstate 35 is a hip destination with vibrant arts, live music, culinary and cocktail scenes, an amazing array of outdoor adventures, and an active LGBT community. And no, it’s not Austin. But it sure feels like Austin used to before it got so big it outgrew its infrastructure and stopped being as weird as […]

Hope You Like Your Oral Outrageous

We love spontaneity in our lives, but we also like routine. There’s something comforting about knowing our housekeeper comes every other Friday. That we’re going to the pizza buffet each Tuesday. And waking up at 2:30 a.m. each night to pee, what a treat. But another thing we can count on is experiencing a little Outrageous Oral every month thanks […]