Put Some Gay In Your Day!


Feeling Lucky, Punk?

If you’re the superstitious type, watch out for this week. In addition to today being lucky number 13, Saturday brings the Ides of March – and we all know how […]

Wrinkle, Wrinkle, Little Scar

Ecccch. Botox is sooo 2002. But it’s not like us to cast judgment. We like putting poison into our bodies as much the next guy. We just prefer it in […]

Kiss My Glass

Warning: if you still laugh like a school kid when people say things like “duty,” you won’t last a second in the paperweight-making class at Vetro Glassblowing Studio. Although this […]

Lettuce Begin

For some folks, vegan dining is up there on the taboo topics list with religion, politics and sexual orientation. After all, what people don’t eat behind closed doors is no […]

Buttery Nipples And Washboard Abs

They make drinks stiff. (Among other things.) Meet the hot men and women of Bar10, a bartending staffing service that will leave your guests intoxicated with delight, not just booze. […]

March To A Different Beat

As always, this next week has its share of divas, some more anatomically correct than others. Throw in some booze and a few psycho killers for good measure and you’ve […]

Know Before You Show

Seventy-six trombones and one drag queen peddling Tupperware lead this big parade. It’s a month of theatre outings offering up way more than the standard yawn-filled production of Our Town. […]

Should Have, Could Have, WOOD Have

Oh ye of the über modern plastic chairs, repent while there’s still time. Banish that uncomfortable, unstylish seating back to the trailer from whence it came and embrace the goodness […]

Are You Ready To Wok?

Any foodie worth their saffron-infused salt knows that sometimes you have to trade a little ambience for a lot of flavor when seeking dining that’s off the trendy eatery radar. […]

Greens With Envy

There aren't many places outside of Thailand where you can get your salad tossed for under $10. But that was before Salata. The first Dallas outpost of the Houston-based create-your-own […]