Put Some Gay In Your Day!


He’s Got Legs, And He Knows How To Use Them

Just hearing the phrase “men’s hosiery” would make most ‘mos imagine their friendly neighborhood drag queen. Grow up, boys. Hosiery is not just for ladies, hot tranny messes or curious […]

Nice Trunk, Jackass

Religion and politics still remain the two taboo topics not to be discussed in mixed company, but in an election year it’s almost impossible not to chime in just a […]

Basket Case

Swimsuits to gay men are like orphans to Angelina. We want one in every shape and color to make sure people notice us, love us and praise us for our […]

Sex And The Sheedy

You know how there are certain celebrities that fall off the radar and it isn’t until they reappear that you remember why you loved them in the first place? Well, […]

Don’t Quote Us On That

It’s every gay man’s nightmare. You have to write a thank-you note (or birthday card, Deepest Sympathy plane banner, or big-screen sports-stadium marriage proposal) and you can’t think of a […]

Cream For Coffee

We’ve found the way to save Starbucks. Less coffee, more male nudity. Thanks to the slightly perverted minds over at WE tv, catch a glimpse into the homoerotic, half-naked worlds […]

Bath, Body Works

Getting ready for the bars or brunch should involve more than rubbing your face with a dryer sheet and slapping on some Febreze. But it doesn’t mean dousing yourself with […]

Talk Techy To Me

Face it, you heart technology. From falling asleep to the glow of an iPhone, to waking and surfing the ‘net for your favorite porn educational sites, you just can’t get […]

Mine is Bigger than Yours

The gays love all things Italian. We’ve embraced both Dolce and Gabbana, spent hundreds of dollars on delicious espresso and indulged in pints of gelato (fat-free, duh). It’s time bring […]

Celebrity Skin

We seldom see what lies beneath celebrities’ clothes, with only a few occasional exceptions (Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Dame Judi Dench). Now, not only can we see many of our […]