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Doing Our Dirty Work

By now we’re all familiar with the concept of receiving bountiful packages of manly goods. And before your Mary minds go any further into the glittery gutters, we’re referring to Automated Man, which we turned you onto late last year. The latest to drop off a regular visitor of butch loving is Manpack. A duo of dudes designed Manpack to […]

She’s A Publicity Ho

Kathy Griffin, once forced to take demeaning roles in films like Beethoven’s 5th and Muppets from Space, is finally (well, almost) being taken seriously. She’s everywhere. If Howard Stern is the King of All Media, then she most certainly is the Queen Fag Hag of All Media. Best-selling books, Grammy-nominated CDs, sell-out live performances, you name it. All that’s missing […]

Consumption Junction

Taking a page right out of the book of Shirley MacLaine, we’d like to be reincarnated as a Roman Emperor. Not only do we have legs to pull off a toga, we are totally sold on a life of gluttony filled with orgies, copious amounts of wine and, of course, a vomitorium! In the meantime, we’ll have to settle for […]

Face The Truth

We’ve always wanted to be more like Madonna. In the late ‘80s, we got kicked out of Catechism for wearing lace gloves and an old wedding dress while learning the Stations of the Cross. In the ’90s, we single-handedly popularized the cone-bra look at our after-school job sacking groceries. And God knows we could knit a king-size bedspread out of […]

Well Spa De Dah

Okay, quick poll: who likes a back rub? See, it’s unanimous. Maybe that question should have been part of the stimulus package negotiations. It would have sailed through bipartisan approval. We are total massage junkies. In fact, we would back it up to a homeless man on the street as long as he could promise to work the knots out. […]

Rock Out With Your Oct Out

With Halloween falling on a Friday this year, it’s fast becoming a two-weekend holiday. And that’s fine with us, because we still have that Sam’s Club twelve-pack of glittery fake eyelashes leftover from Pride. Or if Halloween’s not your thing (in which case, you’re dead to us), October is still a great month to enjoy cooler patio weather, the changing […]