Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


Party Like A Virgin This Weekend

If we could get back in time as Huey Lewis once suggested, we’d most definitely book a nonstop time-travel flight to the 1980s. And this Saturday night, you can join us in the totally awesome decade as The Imperial Court de Fort Worth/Arlington presents the Annual Black and White Ball by proclamation of Her Most Imperial Majesty Empress 26 Iwanna […]

Sinfully Good

There’s a reason the UK import It’s A Sin has a 100-percent critics rating on Rotten Tomatoes (at least as of this writing). The miniseries from Russell T Davies, the writer and creator of Queer As Folk, brings to life the AIDS crisis of the 1980s through the eyes of relatable, fun-loving characters who have little to no idea what […]

Diva Dance-Off

Whitney. Madonna. Cyndi. Janet. That Newton-John chick. Get ready for the biggest divas of the ’80s, the music that made them famous—and a dance floor ready and waiting. Tomorrow night, Alamo Drafhouse presents one of their wildly entertaining interactive events: Ladies of the ’80s Video Dance Party. Complete with props (including nearly 100 luftballoons and some naked men falling from the ceiling to the beats of one of […]

Anderson Keeper

Many people reading this may not even know who Loni Anderson is. [sigh] [copious amounts of tears for feeling old] [broken hip from slipping in said tears] We’ll leave the background of who the Great Loni is to Google and Wikipedia, but in the most exciting Blonde Bombshell Breaking News of the day, Anderson is coming back to the small screen […]