Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


Boom! There It Is!

Fireworks this year definitely won’t be the same. And they definitely won’t look anything like the photo above from last year. For one thing, nearly every community has canceled them entirely or eliminated the ability to watch in person from a designated venue. Even Addison Kaboom Town!, which previously thought the show might go on, has gone to a virtual […]

Blasphemy A-Go-Go

If you’re a particularly pious person, perhaps this puppet play’s perilous. But if you love a good skewering of organized religion like we do, Hand to God at WaterTower Theatre in Addison is just what you need. Not only does the show feature foul-mouthed puppets, the production is a fully immersive experience. You pick your seat then sit back and enjoy the action […]

Brunch Of The Week: Where To Pork This Saturday & Sunday

Porcino in Italian means pig, but don’t let that fool you. Nearly everything on the menu at Porcinos Southern Kitchen has a down-home, deep-South flair that will have you screaming, “Mama Mia!” for entirely different reasons. From the service to the food, everything was practically perfect in every way. Let’s start with the cocktails, our favorite appetizer on any menu to be honest. […]

A Riot Act

For the LGBT community, the world changed on June 27, 1969. That’s when police raided the Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village and the gay rights movement officially began with the launch of the subsequent riots and protests. Immerse yourself in this history lesson as WaterTower Theatre presents Hit the Wall, a raw, fast-paced, music-filled production that focuses on 10 of the […]

Grammy-Winning Music, Award-Winning Food

We don’t have to wait for the bellowing of Big Tex to get our fill of Fritos pies, funnel cake and ice-cold beer. We just have to leave our Dallas bubble. But not by much. This weekend, Taste Addison returns to Addison Circle Park with more than 30 restaurants, 13 bands and a marketplace bursting with food-related gifts and goodies.Best […]

Vagina-Flower Monologues

It’s hard to look at the floral paintings of Georgia O’Keeffe and not see a certain other delicate flower. The similarity between violets and vajajays, lilies and labia, petunias and…well, you get the idea. Our college art professor loved to point that out to make us squirm. She also liked to talk about the rumors of the famous painter’s possible […]

Totally Forkable

You know you’re getting older when you go from being bi-curious to epicurious. But such is life. This weekend, join us at Addison’s newest food fest, Fork & Cork. There, you can catch celebrity chefs (Kent Rathbun, Richard Chamberlain, Marcus Samuellson) doing food demos, watch top mixologists (Eddie “Lucky” Campbell) showcasing their skills and participate in hands-on classes, all while […]

Caribbean Queens

There’s no substitute for a day on a Caribbean beach spent drinking frothy umbrella cocktails and wading out into turquoise waters between rounds to combat the sun’s warming glow. But at least there’s now a place in Dallas to enjoy the bold flavors of the islands without the need to get a cavity search by the TSA (unless an agent […]

Boom Boom Pow

Oh, José can you see? There are rockets a-red-glaring over the skies of Addison! Yes, it’s time for one of our favorite celebrations of the year. We’ve seen incredible fireworks all over the world (some for 4th of July, some for New Year’s, and some just after a night of great sex), but few have ever compared to what we […]

Sleeping Around Dallas: InterContinental Dallas

If business or pleasure takes you to Addison (just north of the Dallas city limits), InterContinental Dallas is right in the center of the action. Close to Galleria Dallas and tons of restaurant and nightlife options (though fairly straight), this hotel has recently renovated its rooms and added a club level, too. InterContinental Dallas also features some of the most […]