Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


Spread Kindness (Not Disease)

Feel a little safer the next time you get naked with someone else. There’s a brand-new place in the gayborhood looking out for your sexual wellbeing and overall health. (Plus, you can also pick up toilet paper, wine and candy bars while you’re at it!) Introducing, Kind Clinic, a program of Texas Health Action with its first Dallas location inside […]

How’s It Hanging?

We know you’re out there: People who put away their tombstones and spiderwebs on November 1 and immediately replaced them with Christmas trees and garland. If this describes you, buy tickets today for next week’s 26th Annual Holiday Wreath Collection event from DIFFA/Dallas. Enjoy festive holiday cocktails, snack on sweet treats and groove to music by DJ Jen Miller—all while […]

Sinfully Good

There’s a reason the UK import It’s A Sin has a 100-percent critics rating on Rotten Tomatoes (at least as of this writing). The miniseries from Russell T Davies, the writer and creator of Queer As Folk, brings to life the AIDS crisis of the 1980s through the eyes of relatable, fun-loving characters who have little to no idea what […]

Doctor, Doctor

As much fun as it is to play doctor, there’s no comparison to the real thing when your health is at stake. And that’s why we continue to keep you in-the-know about LGBTQ-specific healthcare options at your disposal right here in Dallas. With many of us foregoing trips to the doctor due to Covid-19 concerns, it’s more important than ever […]

Fine. Feathered. Friends.

As we get older, we tend to repeat ourselves unwitingly. But this isn’t one of those situations. For once, we’re repeating ourselves on purpose. We informed you about Burgers & Burgundy a few weeks back when tickets first became available, but we realize that not everyone books a night out that far in advance. So if you’re a procrastinator, or […]

5K Será Será

Click here, then sing along! When I was just a little boredI asked my mother what will I doWill I go shopping, will I have brunch Here’s what she said in lieu… 5K Será SeráThe LifeWalk will be Sun-deeFor Prism Health funds they need5K Será Será Do you have a team? You can stop singing now (but we dare you […]

Haring Is Caring

It’s hard to believe Keith Haring left this planet nearly 30 years ago. Yet his artistic legacy and unique style live on as strong as ever. If you haven’t been yet to Keith Haring: Against All Odds at the Arlington Museum of Art, add it to your list. The exhibit runs through September 15 and features more than 50 original […]

The Other Little Blue Pill

Sex. Sex. Sex. Just saying the word makes us smile. Even more so now that we’ve taken an active step in significantly reducing the risk of HIV. But Truvada (PrEP) can be outrageously expensive. Hell, when our doctor’s office accidentally called in our prescription to a Walmart pharmacy by mistake, we got a phone call from the pharmacist wanting our […]

Show That Closet Who’s Boss

Get out of the closet! That’s what you need to be yelling at all those clothes you no longer wear. Because they could have a new home with someone who really, truly needs them more than you do. This Saturday, in support of Legacy Counseling‘s Grace Project Conference for Women Living with HIV, a clothing drive will be held. Women […]

The Future Is Almost Here

Only two-and-a-half weeks stand between you and the fashion event of the season. House of DIFFA: FUTURO rolls out the red carpet on March 16, but you don’t need to wait nearly that long for a taste. In fact, if you can hold out for two more days, you’ll be all set. Thursday night at Traffic LA, a $50 ticket […]