Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade

Fair-y Pride

Change never comes easy. Some people love the idea of starting over while others prefer to keep things status quo forever. That couldn’t be truer of this year’s Dallas Pride celebrations (including the Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade), which have moved from September in the gayborhood to June in Fair Park. We’ve seen plenty of praise and complaints alike and […]

Kristine W, Alyssa Edwards And Thousands Of Your Closest Friends

We have a long list of things we like to spread apart, Oreos and legs among our favorites. Well, now we can add Dallas Pride to that list. In case you haven’t heard, this year’s Pride celebration will now take place on two days instead of one really long Sunday Funday. As always, the Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade rolls […]

Marshal Law

Dallas Pride is just around the corner! OK, so it’s more down the road, up a hill, past a tree then around the corner, but still. It’s close. How do we know? Because voting is officially underway for this year’s duo of Grand Marshals to lead this year’s Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade. Click on the image of the candidates to read […]

Dallas Pride Weekend Guide: September 16-18

Happy Pride, Dallas! As you can imagine, there’s a ton of stuff to do this weekend. There’s a comprehensive events calendar at dallaspride.org, but we’ve picked five best bets to get the party started and keep it going until the last piece of glitter hits the ground Sunday night. And don’t forget, the Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade starts promptly […]

Be A Pride VIP

You’re fancy. We can appreciate that because so are we. (Or at least we like to pretend to be whenever possible.) That’s why we’re always on the hunt for the “exclusive experience” no matter where we are. Fortunately, we have a sixth sense for velvet ropes. When this year’s Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade rolls down Cedar Springs Road, there’s […]