Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


Girl Power. Cubed.

In the mathematics of our life, rarely are three women part of the equation. Men, of course, we measure exponentially. And sometimes just with simple math. But it’s been a good few weeks for two pop princesses and a country queen in training. Demi Lovato and Carrie Underwood have already released their newest efforts. And Ellie Goulding releases her latest […]

When Ricky Met Jennifer

Today’s story was originally going to focus solely on the release of the new Jennifer Hudson album, JHUD. But then we got word of Ricky Martin’s first single off his upcoming 2015 album and we couldn’t resist putting him in the spotlight, too. Because damn if he isn’t still one of the sexiest men ever. So even though JHUD has […]

Emmy, Winner

Time travel is awesome. We should know because often times we hit the bars on a Friday night and somewhere around midnight, we’re transported to 2:30 p.m. on Saturday without a single recollection of how we got there. So, the only logical explanations are alien abduction or time travel. But today, one of our favorite actresses is traveling back in […]

Magic Mika

We first fell head over stilettos with Mika when he released Life in Cartoon Motion. Then after his multi-million selling smash second album, The Boy Who Knew Too Much, we started picking out china patterns. His voice, his look and his moves were all super-dreamy and we became obsessed, traveling to Los Angeles to catch one of his few U.S. […]

Amazing Liz, How Sweet The Sound

There must be something in the water. Either what we’re drinking or what they’re giving singers out in Los Angeles. Because lately, we’ve been falling in love with one pop princess after another. Perhaps we’re going through a later-in-life adolescence where we’re finally ready to experiment with girls, at least orally. As in listening to them, you pervs. Our latest […]