Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


Meanwhile, Back At The Bar…

Tough. Hairy. Not afraid to cut the nuts off a bull. Man, we really miss seeing our mom right now. But funny enough, those are also the traits of a typical Texas cowboy and there’s a legendary beverage that many call their favorite: Ranch Water. You know, the super-refreshing, delightfully strong mixture of tequila, Topo Chico and lime. Well, now […]

Glass For Days

Gorgeous on the outside? You bet. But it’s definitely what’s on the inside that counts. We hold that sentiment for shirtless men in hammocks, but it goes double when it comes to our beloved booze. The latest to capture our heart (and liver), as well as a prominent space on our bar is the spectacular Glass Vodka. Now available in […]

Sherry Is Caring

It’s never too early to shake things up for summer. Shaking up cocktails, that is. For us, sherry has never been anything more than something we cook with. Or a woman with a lamb puppet on her hand. But Tio Pepe is making us rethink our stance on the liquor alternative. Technically a fino sherry, which is the driest and […]

Toast Of Christmas Future

Scrooge only had four ghosts to deal with (if you include Jacob Marley). But this year, we were visited by dozens of holiday spirits. Here is our carefully curated, only-slightly-tipsy list highlighting five of our favorite out-of-the-ordinary bottles of booze. They’ll make your guests jolly, merry and, well, easier to seduce. Ancho Reyes There is nothing more horrendous behind bars […]


Apparently, magic isn’t exclusive to cookie-making elves living in trees. Now, it’s key component of booze, too. Or should we say, Ké component. Introducing Ké Spirits (pronounced kee), a line of premium quality liquors from a company right here in Dallas. Their portfolio consists of a tequila, vodka and whisky (with gin, rum and absinthe to follow). The naming convention […]

Respect Your Elderflowers

We’ve seen you shakin’ what your mother gave you. And yes, we’re talking about that sexy cocktail shaker she bought for your last birthday. Now, take your cocktail knowledge and turn it into a chance to win a fabulous vacation. Or a really awesome bike. St-Germain, the world’s first hand-crafted elderflower liqueur, has partnered with none other than Martha Stewart […]