Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Amazon Prime

Stream, Queen!

We’re on self-isolation Day 4 and we’ve quickly realized that if we’re going to get through this long-term, we have to do more than binge-watch TV and movies. Or spend hours with our free trial to Mr. Man. Our gym, like pretty much everyone else’s in the United States, closed down Monday evening indefinitely, leaving those of us with a […]

Underwear Of The Month: What’s He Hiding Down There?

As you’ve probably noticed, our typical Underwear of the Month selection involves the least amount of fabric needed to perform a proper coverup. But we’re well aware that not everyone likes barely-there briefs and junk-forward jockstraps. Sometimes conservative can be super sexy (hello, Mormon missionaries!). It’s also true of these ultra-comfortable stretch boxer briefs from Vince Camuto. Made of 95% […]

Pridetime Television

We’ve already turned to Amazon Prime for the majority of our Pride Month purchases, from rainbow stickers to pass out to paradegoers to costumes for parties when we’re at WorldPride in New York City. So we know that Amazon has become a one-stop shop for all things LGBTQ. They’re also the go-to place on your television for the gayest lineup […]

Home Is Where The Julia Is

We may never get a My Best Friend’s Wedding 2, but we have the next-best thing. Sorta. This Friday, Amazon’s Prime Video division premieres Homecoming starring Julia Roberts with Dermot Mulroney a little further down the casting list. But don’t expect any Dionne Warwick sing-alongs in this suspenseful, conspiracy-theory drama also featuring non-MBFW stars Bobby Cannavale and Sissy Spacek. We love that television has […]

Hometown Charmer

We can’t imagine our life without Amazon Prime. Pretty sure we’re keeping at least one UPS driver fully employed with our late-night Ambien-induced one-click purchases. (Yet somehow we still managed to run out of toilet paper just in time for a Labor Day pool party.) But besides free two-day shipping and enough cardboard boxes to build a life-size replica of […]

Downton-y Doctor

Oh, Lady Mary, how we miss you. The undying bitchiness in your soul gave us the strength to carry on and now we feel such an incredible void. Indeed, ever since Downton Abbey ended its U.S. run, we’ve been longing for true aristocratic drama. Not that “Real” Housewives bullshit. Well, today, our wish comes true as Doctor Thorne debuts on […]

Gallantly (And Gayly) Streaming

What would we do without Amazon?  Wait more than two days for one-click lube orders to be delivered to our door, that’s what. But Amazon Prime Members now have more reasons to rejoice than a third season of Transparent. Last week, Here TV, America’s premium LGBT television network, debuted with a monthly subscription service on the platform. That means original […]

The New Yorkiest

Back in the day, the only way we could get magazines was signing up for dozens of subscriptions through Publishers Clearing House. Well now, we can also get our magazines on TV. Today, The New Yorker Presents debuts on Amazon Prime. And we’re really digging it. The leisurely paced series from award-winning filmmaker Alex Gibney’s Jigsaw Productions, brings the popular […]