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Designed That Way

Which came first, the rainbow flag or the pink triangle? The Grindr logo or 2(x)ist underwear? If it’s queer and iconic, you’ll find it in the new LGBTQ history book, […]

He Wrote The Book On Gay

We can barely put together a bookshelf from IKEA. And it comes with instructions! Coming out, however, does not. At least not until now. Written from his own personal experiences, […]

Stonewall Gets Graphic

Pictures make reading so much better! We think we might’ve actually made it through The Iliad with a few carefully positioned illustrations. But we don’t ever have to worry about […]

Let Them See Beefcake!

The big publishing news this week may be surrounding Howard Stern’s upcoming third book (which we’ve already pre-ordered, BTW), but a new gay book came out this week that caught […]

The I Has It

In fashion, one day you’re in. And the next, you’re out. That Heidi Klum wisdom will some day live alongside Plato and Socrates carved into stone for future generations. Or […]

Superseeding All Snacks

When we see this list, we prepare for the worst: All Natural, Certified Gluten-Free, OU Kosher, Non-GMO, Vegan, Dairy & Soy Free, Low Sodium, USDA Organic. All those things strung […]

Newell & Improved

Whether you loved it or hated it, Glee turned out several stars during — and now after — it’s six-season run. One of the most unexpected personalities to break through […]

Star-Cross’d Gay Lovers

There’s nothing like a good book. Especially when somebody else is reading it to you. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Shakespeare’s epic romantic tragedy, Romeo & Juliet, gets a […]

No More Plain Vanilla

The last time we had something over a hundred years old in our kitchen, she died. (R.I.P., Nana.) But now our spices have new friends on the rack—vanillas and flavor […]

Shop Online For Good

We’re in the loop on a lot of things. But sometimes we find ourselves so out of the loop, it’s scary. Take AmazonSmile, a service of that benefits your […]