Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


Isn’t This App Romantic?

The library is open. Well, at least the digital one. Slash aims to bring LGBTQ+ literature front and center with its massive library of BL and GL stories. And because we’re old, we had to reach out and ask what BL and GL stories. Turns out, that’s the new slang for Boy Love and Girl Love stories. But you’ll find […]

Lovin’ The Q

There’s never been a better time for an influx of top-notch content from Hollywood. And even though we have more free hours in the day, we still somehow have a very short attention span. Luckily, the much-buzzed-about Quibi launched its mobile entertainment platform on Monday and we are utterly obsessed. Every night before we go to bed, we like to […]

Hanky Panky

Feeling blue? Well, that means you could use a little BJ. At least that’s what the old-school Hanky Code says. Way before smartphones, the internet and organic lube, gay men used a complex system of letting other gay men know what they’re into and what they’re looking for. Depending on which pocket you chose to display a certain color handkerchief […]

Phone Alone

You have an Android phone? We’re sorry. We know how isolating it can be when it seems as if everyone else is playing with their iPhones— laughing, bonding, making fun of people with Samsungs. You’re what’s known as an Evolved Gay with Android Disorder. EGAD affects dozens, if not six dozens, of homosexuals who own smartphones. But it doesn’t have […]

Texting Your Deepest Feelings

Angry? Depressed? Sexually frustrated because your boyfriend doesn’t want to do anything when he gets home from work except watch movies on Netflix, eat caviar right from the tin and chug pomegranate mojitos from a dirty high-heel shoe while staring at a photo of his mom? Because there’s not an emoji for every circumstance, sometimes it’s important to share your […]

Wish Fulfillment

That push notification you just received on your smartphone for a skinny Korean that wants to get close to your naked body isn’t on Grindr or Scruff. No, it’s an alert that a new slim-fit cardigan is available for 72% off at Wish.com, the web site behind our favorite new app. It’s one of the best sites we’ve ever shopped […]

Cheap (Good) Wine

There are plenty of life-saving apps available, from those that help assist people needing CPR to others that let you know what to do if bitten by a venomous snake. Then there’s WTSO (WinesTilSoldOut), an app that notifies you as soon as the company’s web site is updated with a new bottle of wine that’s been deeply discounted up to […]