Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Annette Strauss Square

Working, Class

Ever have one of those days where you feel like phoning it in? Today’s one of those days for us. We’re on a beach and every letter we type harshes our mellow. Plus, it’s a holiday week for a lot of people anyway, so we know we’re not the only ones not wanting to work. But speaking of jobs (and […]

You Like To Watch, They Like To Dance

If you love men in tights like we love men in, well, anything, then this weekend in Dallas will scratch your itch to find beauty in movement. It kicks off today with The Poetry of Expression: Part I, a digital mixed repertoire experience from Texas Ballet Theater. One $30 household ticket gets you unlimited access to The Story of You […]

The Rose Roam

If you ever want to get our attention, highlight the fact that a movie’s R-rated, a TV show contains nudity, or that children aren’t allowed (whatever the occasion). So when TITAS/Dance Unbound launched its new initiative with the tagline, “If you’re easily offended, don’t come,” we clicked on the Buy Tickets button sight unseen. Those precious six words might as […]

Take It Outside

If we’re gonna roll around in the grass with our clothes on, there better be a good reason. Like a free movie. And BYOB. Fortunately, that’s exactly what’s happening every fourth Sunday through November as the AT&T Performing Arts Center and the Dallas Film Society join forces for Sunset Screenings at Annette Strauss Square. For the fall series, key directors […]

Sounds Of Music

The hills are alive! Of course, by hills, we mean the lawn at Strauss Square in the Dallas Arts District. This Monday, relax (or dance) under the stars with one of the most epic pairings imaginable – the incomparable Pink Martini joining forces with the von Trapps. (Yes, those von Trapps!) Performing songs from their collaborative album, Dream A Little […]