Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


Back Seat Bliss

Some days we wonder why we even own a car. Because any time we go out on the town and drinking might be a possibility (or a definite), we take a rideshare service to ensure the safety of everyone on the road. It’s the gay Boy Scout in us. We typically alternate between Uber and Lyft, depending on which ride […]

Snappy Dialogue

The Snapchat ghost is about to get a lot of company. Today, the social media app launches a new comedy series, Ghost Hunt, starring Matteo Lane (above). The comedian was featured (naked) on this year’s OUT100 list and this new show represents a prime example of Snapchat’s foray into original programming for mobile devices. The show’s even formatted vertically, for Pete’s sake. The […]

Paparazzi On Demand

Sometimes you just need to capture the moment. And without every touching a selfie stick. Last week, a new app launched in Dallas that brings photographers to you whenever and wherever you may need one. Onthr3 makes hiring a professional easy and affordable, too, with rates starting at just $60 per hour. The more experienced the photographer, the higher the rate, […]

Putting The “Mo” In Emoji

Hookups are about to get a whole lot easier. And more graphic. With the just-released Gaymojis from Grindr, gone are the days when you used to have to actually type out the words “I’m looking to set up a three-way. I’m a top. And oh, I’d love it if you wore a jock strap when you show up.” Now all […]

Secrets & Selfies

We all have secrets-–whether it’s an internet crush, a second family with kids in another city, or the list of herbs and spices in a famous fried chicken recipe. But now there’s an app that not only keeps your personal information personal, it lets you know if somebody else is trying to hack it. We recently put the Don’t Touch […]

The Couple That Texts Together…

Searching for Pokemon in the men’s locker room at your gym is one way to bring you and your man closer together. (Or kicked out of the club for using your phone’s camera function around naked dudes.) But there is a new app that could bring you and your love-muffin to new levels of intimacy. Introducing Happy Couple, a relationship […]

Silver To The Win

Climbing into an ugly little compact car with crank windows and a radio stuck on an AM talk station after being crammed into an economy plane seat just makes travel that much sadder. But just as we always try to upgrade to first class whenever possible, we’ve finally taken our rental car experience to the highest level possible. Silvercar launched […]

App For A Nap

Gone are the days of seedy motels that rent by the hour. Well, gone are the days that we’d be ever set foot in one. But there are still occasions when booking a hotel room for a few hours during the day is a superb idea. Perhaps you’re on a long layover and a hot shower and quick nap would […]

Frame Job

28,496. That’s how many digital pictures we have in iPhoto right now. 1. That’s how many of those digital pictures we’ve turned into framed photographs. And it’s all because of Sworl, an app that’s going to change our habits and keep our favorite memories from being lost forever in some digital vortex. Sworl makes it simple, too. Select an image […]

Louvre, American Style

When not displaying episodes of RuPaul’s Drag Race and 2 Broke Girls, our TV doesn’t get a lot of action. It just sits there like a big black void in the room, begging to have a purpose. Finally, we’ve found a fantastic way to turn our TV into a virtual museum, thanks to Artkick. Download the app for your smartphone […]