Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


Tee Hee

Typically, we strive for first class. Always. Yet sometimes, we’re painfully reminded that we are still seen by some as third-class citizens, but laughing at that—and other clichés of being flamboyantly gay— gives us power. That’s exactly the kind of apparel you’ll find over at 3rd Class Clothing, an online retailer specializing in t-shirts with the gayest, lesbianist, transgenderist, bi-ist, […]

Fave Five: Our Current Obsessions

It’s the weekend and we’re suffering from a serious case of short attention span. But that’s good news for you because we have five things to share with you today instead of the usual one.Because five of anything is better than one. Ask any orgy planner. Click the NEXT button above for five things we’re obsessing over this very moment.

Tee-Tee Time.

Pride Month is almost half over, but it’s never too late to fill your closet with hilarious and inspiring apparel. Of course, even if your city’s parade has already passed you by, you still have more than a week to find a shirt to wear for the one year anniversary of last year’s historic Supreme Court ruling. And once again, […]

Tops & Bottoms At Your Door

We love putting on new clothes almost as much as we enjoy taking them off. So we’re always on the hunt for great fashion at good prices with convenient delivery. Sure, there are lots of online personal stylist services out there, but not one exclusively for gay men. But Strapping has changed all that.The service is simple and convenient. Create […]