Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


The Boys Are Back

Everybody can use a little help being more fabulous. Even the most exquisite among us who to most in the outside world are absolutely, 100% perfect just the way we are. But it’s fun to think of those who really need help. That’s why we’re so excited for another season of Secret Guide to Fabulous, premiering Friday with back-to-back episodes […]

History, In The Buff

If you want to make history exciting, read about it while you’re naked. Or just grab the new book from local gay author (and rocker of the bow tie long before anyone knew Brad Goreski), Mark Doty. It’s called Lost Dallas and it’s the harrowing tale of a group of plane-crash survivors trapped in a remote section of Fair Park […]

Get Your Rock Off

Dallas has a lake? This is one of the biggest surprises to out-of-towners when driving by White Rock Lake, one of our city’s great semi-natural wonders. Admittedly, we often take the park for granted and even though we personally live mere blocks from its shores, we rarely strap a canoe to our backs and head for the water. (That’s why […]