Put Some Gay In Your Day!


Who’s Ready For A Babtism?

The holiday season wouldn’t be quite the same without some judgmental religious types condemning our lives of sin over ham and potato casserole. But this Saturday, we’re going to have fun […]

Help Get The Wig Down Off The Shelf

Throughout modern gay history, drag queens have always been there when we needed them most. Raising money. Raising awareness. Making us laugh ’til we pee-cry. Well, this Sunday, you have […]


Can’t wait until Thursday night to get your All Stars fix? Then fear not, you can catch two of RuPaul‘s queens at the Rose Room this Wednesday—and it’s all for a […]

An Impulsive Act

Start looking for hotel rooms in Fort Worth right now. Because you’re going to want to have a comfortable (close) place to crash this weekend after attending Spring Bling. Presented […]

Laughter, Completely Uncensored

He held his own against Karen Walker on Will & Grace.  He made us cheer for the underdog in Sordid Lives. And he’s easily, consistently one of the best things […]

Think Outside The Boom Box

The ‘90s were a great time for music. Fashion, however, was another story. But much like ‘80s attire, there are many so-bad-they’re-good options, we relish the opportunity to revisit the […]