Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Big Tex

Howdy, Macaron Lovers!

Not sure about you, but ever since Covid we’re kinda fine with missing the State Fair again this year. So many crowds—and so many out-and-proud Trumpsters (gag). It just isn’t our scene anymore. But we will still crave all sorts of fair foods and do our best to create some of our favorites at home. Until then, however, we can […]

Howdy, Photo Op!

Unless you’ve been living under a deep-fried rock, by now you’ve heard that the State Fair of Texas will be launching a drive-thru experience starting next weekend under the shadow of Big Tex and his size-70 appendage(s). What you might not know yet is that this weekend for only $25 you can drive through for a professional photo opportunity with […]

Howdy, Gays!

Dip us in batter and slather on the mustard! The State Fair of Texas is back, y’all. But unless you’ve been living under an abandoned tilt-a-whirl or in a factory making giant stuffed gorillas, you already knew that. What you may not know is that Sunday, October 13 is LGBTQ Day. Though it’s unofficial and not promoted by the fair […]

Howdy, Gays!

Wake up and smell the corny dogs, folks! The State Fair of Texas kicks off today and we know you’re ready to tackle some deep-fried indulgences before spinning in circles on a ride and throwing darts at balloons for the chance to take home a massive stuffed piece of animal-shaped asbestos. You have three weeks and four weekends to get […]

Howdy, State Fairies!

The State Fair of Texas officially kicks off tomorrow! But if you’re looking to go on the gayest day of the season, mark your calendars now for Sunday, October 9. That’s the day we celebrate Gay Day at Fair Park. Though not officially sanctioned by the powers that be at the State Fair, it’s tradition for the LGBT community to […]