Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

birthday party

You’re Invited To A Birthday Three-Way

There’s about to be a birthday candle shortage in the DFW metroplex. Because three of our favorite local drag legends, Tasha Kohl, Cassie Nova and Dina Jacobs will be celebrating their birthdays (and performing as a gift to us) this Sunday night at the Rose Room. It’s all part of a special edition of Tash Kohl’s ICON show. The festivities […]

Dance, Bear, Dance!

We remember turning 24 like it was yesterday. (Then again, we’ve never been good with dates.) But Saturday, Dallas Eagle hits the two-dozen mark for number of years on earth and it’s going to be an epic celebration. London’s largest international bear party, Twisted Bear, will be helping make the party one for the ol’ scrapbook (and spank bank, too). […]