Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


Frida Isn’t Freeā€”But She’s Worth Every Penny

Everybody’s favorite bisexual, unibrow, Mexican artistic genius gets the Van Gogh treatment with her own multimedia extravaganza. Opening in downtown Dallas at Lighthouse ArtSpace this Thursday, Frida: Immersive Dream takes art lovers on a mind-blowing musical journey that puts you in the middle of some of Frida Kahlo’s most famous works. If you missed the immersive Van Gogh experience, then […]

Your Burning Questions About Dallas LGBTQ History Answered

When was the first Pride parade in Dallas? What’s the first-ever LGBTQ group in Dallas to get 501c(3) exempt status? Who was the first openly gay candidate for City Council? Who and when was the first gay person actually elected to City Council? When was the first gay couple legally married in Dallas County and who were they? How old […]

Rainbow Marks The Spot

In one more day, six colors will take over the world. (Even more depending on which flag people prefer for Pride Month.) To celebrate all the Pride activities this coming weekend, temporary tattoos will help you express whatever you’re feeling. To achieve that easily and safely with cosmetic-quality ingredients, drop a set of these BodyMark by Bic pens in your […]

Listen Up! Black Tie Dinner Season Kicks Off Tonight

Well, it’s official. At least one day in the near future you’re going to have to get out of that T-shirt and sweat pants you’ve been wearing the last year or so. (If you were that dressed up in the first place.) Tonight, the 40th Annual Black Tie Experience kicks off with a virtual celebration on Facebook and BlackTie.org, hosted […]

Thank God It’s Frida

Unibrow Squad, unite! Known for her vibrantly colored self-portraits and other often-intimate paintings, Frida Kahlo has been celebrated in the LGBTQ community as much for her art as her occasional lesbian affairs. Now, you have the rare opportunity to view a handful of her works that are on loan from a private collection. Frida Kahlo: Five Works debuts Sunday at […]

Drink The Rainbow

When it comes to boozy seltzer beverages, you have plenty of options. Almost too many options. But there’s only one that’s actively making a huge impact for LGBTQ rights in the United States. That’s right, Vizzy Hard Seltzer announced a $1 million commitment to the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) in celebration of LGBTQ History Month. That’s an intoxicating amount of […]

Dallas Pride Postpones Festival & Parade

Dallas Pride will be hotter than ever this year. In more ways than one. It was officially announced that Dallas Pride Weekend festivities have moved from June 6 and 7 to July 25 and 26. Follow Dallas Pride on Facebook and Twitter or visit dallaspride.org to keep up with all the latest developments. Let’s just hope it isn’t a social-distancing […]

Dance, Bear, Dance!

We remember turning 24 like it was yesterday. (Then again, we’ve never been good with dates.) But Saturday, Dallas Eagle hits the two-dozen mark for number of years on earth and it’s going to be an epic celebration. London’s largest international bear party, Twisted Bear, will be helping make the party one for the ol’ scrapbook (and spank bank, too). […]

My, What A Beautiful Ora

We love seeing big-name stars in smaller performance spaces. One of our all-time favorite concerts was Annie Lennox at SMU’s McFarlin Auditorium because it seemed so up-close-and-personal, yet otherworldly all at once. That’s why we love The Statler Ballroom as a venue. It’s big enough for spectacle, yet feels so much more intimate. On the last Saturday of March, bisexual […]

This Donna’s Primo

New music alert! Sometimes a persistent publicist can be our best friend. We get pitched a lot of albums from recording artists that range from megastars to completely obscure. But pressure to listen to a new album from a young talent named Donna Missal gave us something fun to listen to on our last weekend getaway. The artist, who recently […]