Put Some Gay In Your Day!


Dance, Bear, Dance!

We remember turning 24 like it was yesterday. (Then again, we’ve never been good with dates.) But Saturday, Dallas Eagle hits the two-dozen mark for number of years on earth […]

My, What A Beautiful Ora

We love seeing big-name stars in smaller performance spaces. One of our all-time favorite concerts was Annie Lennox at SMU’s McFarlin Auditorium because it seemed so up-close-and-personal, yet otherworldly all […]

This Donna’s Primo

New music alert! Sometimes a persistent publicist can be our best friend. We get pitched a lot of albums from recording artists that range from megastars to completely obscure. But […]

A Gay Stream Come True

It’s amazing we ever get up off the sofa. After all, we remember the days when watching a gay movie at home meant schlepping to the video store, going behind […]

Cradle Us In Your Arms & Call Us Whitney: We Believe The Children Are The Future

As kids, one of the most exciting things for us was going to K-mart with our mom to buy school supplies. (Sadly, there wasn’t Target in the town where we […]

Boogie Night

Calling all Bell Bottoms and Halter Tops! Disco days are here again when Resource Center and Purple Foundation present Toast To Life: Time to Boogie on Saturday, March 4. Now in […]