Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Bishop Arts District

Brunch Of The Week: Deep In The Heart Of Tejas

Variety may be the spice of life, but it can also make for a very long brunch. Especially if you have friends who are bad at making food decisions. Well, that’s practically impossible at the recently opened Tejas in the Bishop Arts District. The super-simple menu features only three breakfast tacos, three lunch/dinner versions and a trio of burgers (one […]

Paris By Way Of Oak Cliff

This Sunday, what’s yours is mime and what’s mimed is yours at an event you’re gonna want to escargot to and beg for merci. All in the name of (another) red, white, and blue! Yep, Francophiles, Sunday is the annual Bastille on Bishop celebration, one of the most entertaining neighborhood gatherings each year. French food, French wine, French product vendors, […]

Brunch Of The Week: Cure For The Common Hangover

It’s always that last vodka soda that sends of over the edge. Actually, we tend to get worse hangovers from red wine. Mixed with vodka sodas. But whatever. Brunch is about to cure you of everything that ails you. At least if you head to Tillman’s Roadhouse in Bishop Arts District. Make reservations now for this weekend and drink as much as you […]

A Bright & Sunny Trip To The O.C.

If you’re feeling fartsy, please make sure it’s artsy. Not only is that a good mantra for life in general, it’s also the tagline for our Etsy store featuring colostomy bag balloon animals. But even if you don’t find art on that level at this weekend’s Bishop Arts Festival, we’re pretty sure you’ll still have any amazing time at the two-day […]

Bard Hopping

For at least half of America, tomorrow’s elections results will be a real tragedy. So, we figured tonight we’d put things in even more tragic perspective with a little Shakespeare. Shakespeare in the Bar Presents: Julius Caesar brings plenty of drama (and iambic pentameter) to Wild Detectives in the Bishop Arts District. Online tickets are sold out, but there are […]

Bacon, Butter & Booze

Five days ago, we visited Pink Magnolia. Two days ago, we emerged from our sugar coma. Don’t worry, it’s one we anticipated and graciously welcomed after working our way through much of the food menu—and the entire collection of cocktails, from simple champagne concoctions to punch bowls filled with fruity, boozy delights.Indeed, as anyone who’s ever dined on the food […]

Poste, Toasty

Start your wining, ladies! Bishop Arts has a new go-to spot. In 2013, Wine Poste opened in the Design District as an online and in-store retail shop that was great for parties or just hanging out and slurping down some vino. Fast forward to 2015 and they’ve moved to new digs in the Bishop Arts District with a slightly new […]

Hey, Fruits!

We like our weekends like we like our men: long, hot and full of booze. So imagine our excitement when a friend bought us tickets to Margarita Meltdown 2014. (More like Sunday Funday on illegal Mexican steroids.) For five hours this Sunday, you and your friends can cruise the Bishop Arts District and sample delicious margaritas from more than 30 […]