Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Bishop Arts

Garden Of Earthly Delights

When most restaurants roll out a “new spring menu,” that’s usually code for “three dishes have been modified to include sugar peas, broccoli sprouts and baby radishes.” Not Bolsa. Their just-launched seasonal menu contains, by our estimates, 92.6% new dishes. And each is better than the last. Set aside a few hours, make sure your Uber account is current and […]

To Bead Or Not To Bead

On February 9, Mardi Gras collides with the dog world. And no, that doesn’t mean bitches will be flashing all eight of their nipples in a quest for beads. Instead, it’s time to start prepping for the 4th Annual Dash for the Beads, a 5K Run/Walk/Costume Contest/Pet Festival benefiting FIDO (Finding Inspired Dog Owners), an organization dedicated to building Oak […]

Sh*t Happens

There may or may not be bacon and helium shortages in our very near future, but what happens when there’s a worldwide dearth of nuns? Well, besides the obvious decline in ruler sales, crotchless panties and front row tickets to Sister Act: The Musical, it could mean the end of an once popular profession. That’s just one of the driving […]

Brunch of the Month: Patio Pleasures

Be grateful that we don’t get paid by the word. Because when we left brunch at 303 Bar & Grill in the Bishop Arts District, we jotted down exactly 303 reasons why we loved this place. After all, brunch is our favorite Sunday ritual this side of stealing the coupons from the newspapers on all our neighbors’ lawns. Instead, we’ve […]