Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


Shady Sounds

Hear ye, hear ye! Bluetooth devices just got really, really shady—and that’s a wonderful thing. Lucyd Eyewear recently launched a killer pair of high-tech glasses: Lucyd LOUD. These stylish frames come loaded with bone-conduction speakers that deliver great sound and the ability to take phone calls without the obstruction of traditional headphones or earbuds. We were a little skeptical about […]

High-Tech Beanies, Baby!

Great. Just great. Another polar vortex is predicted this year, which means temperatures will plummet across the country. We hate the cold, but we’re not going to let a few hundred feet of snow and ice keep us from our daily run. We’re just too dedicated to fitness. (Also, we love the hot toddy we reward ourselves with afterward.) Well, […]

Ace of Bass

If you were to stop by our offices on any given day, you’d find our desk hidden by a pile of music CDs, boxes of men’s underwear and at least half a dozen Bluetooth speaker systems. Not everything we’re sent passes our stringent tests of desirability, but we’re always happy to spread the news when we find something we love. […]

Cooking With Your Smartphone

As a kid, we ate out. A lot. Sometimes our mother would have already started dinner when we managed to beg her to take us to McDonald’s instead. Or Olive Garden if we were feeling particularly persuasive. It’s our art of whining that led to what became known as Frijole-gate 1986, an event that nearly tore our family apart. For […]

Cut The Cord

When we jog (and trust us, it’s not that often) we need to be as unencumbered as possible, especially when it comes to the soundtrack to our journeys. The headphones that come standard with iPods, iPhones and other devices are simply too short and always get in the way of our rhythmic movements. We actually used this as an excuse […]

Hands Free WYSIWYG

What You See Is What You Get. If you see this line on a dating web site, keep on clickin’. It probably means big trouble. However, in the world of technology, WYSIWYG can be a vitally important feature. A new product called Looxcie (pronounced Look-See) is about to forever change the way you multi-task, as well as bring WYSIWYG to […]