Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Board Games

Tongue & Cheeky

We’re the world’s worst at accents. Every time we try to sound French, we sound Indian. Every time we try to sound German, we sound Indian. And when we actually intend to sound Indian, it comes out Eastern Scandinavian. But bad accents make for plenty of laughs, especially when combined with the absurdly ridiculous phrases in our favorite new game, […]

Gaying To Win

For many people, winter is ski season. For us, it’s board game season. (We don’t like to be cold. Or wear unflattering waterproof jumpsuits.) But except for our X-rated versions of Pictionary or Full-Contact Naked Charades, most group games aren’t gay enough for our tastes. Well, looks like our Lesbian Godmother has granted our wishes. Introducing, That’s So Gay!, a […]