Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Book Signing

Name Dropping

Ladies and gentlemen, the hilarious Ross Matthews! Thanks to RuPaul’s introductions when he’s judging Drag Race, the ever-endearing funny guy will always be associated with the word hilarious. Not a bad description to be saddled with if you ask us. No matter where he appears — whether it’s on The Howard Stern Show or back in the day on Chelsea […]

Singularly Horny

As much as we love Oprah, we don’t really connect with the media tycoon much beyond her excitement for cauliflower. Yet this past weekend, thousands of people forked over a lot of money to be in the presence of the Big O. But we personally know someone we’d much rather get advice from, including other types of Big Os. Hilarious, […]

Mr. Aficionado

We like to think we know a little bit about a lot. But to know a lot about any single subject is a special talent and one that Denton’s Randy L. Schmidt has cultivated marvelously. The man knows about as much as anyone can about one of the world’s most beloved singers, which he compiled in Little Girl Blue: The […]

Brunch Of The Week: Dustin Off Your Saturday

Time to start thinking about next weekend’s brunch plans! That’s because Black Tie Dinner will be welcoming Academy Award-winning gay screenwriter Dustin Lance Black to Dallas for a really fun brunch. In addition to his statuette-worthy writing, Black is also a big-time director, producer, activist—and now author with the release of his new memoir, Mama’s Boy. Get tickets for the […]

Onward, Christian’s Soldiers

Yesterday was Hump Day. Today is Bulge Day. If we’d known “male underwear designer” was a career option as a child, we can only imagine where we’d be right now. In a room full of half-naked male models and not on a computer typing this, that’s for sure. But we’re happy to at least live in a world where sexy […]

La Cage Aux Folles

When we were growing up, there was no such thing as gay children’s books. (Though we do blame Hop on Pop for our enduring daddy fetish.) But this Friday, you can get your hands on a genuine LGBT children’s book, signed by the author (Tyler Curry) and illustrator (Clarione Gutierrez) to boot! The book is A Peacock Among Pigeons and […]