Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


A Little Light Reading In Bed

Queer culture has a long, illustrious—and sometimes scandalous—history. And without the people who came before us (and the icons and allies living among us today), we’d live in a much less fabulously colorful world. In the new book From Gay to Z: A Queer Compendium by Justin Elizabeth Sayre (released today), we get a glimpse into a few hundred of […]

Papi, Do Preach

Don’t let that serious face fool you. John Paul Brammer’s one funny guy. His advice column, ¡Hola Papi!, got its start on Grindr’s digital magazine, INTO, back in 2017. He pitched it as “Queer Latinx Dear Abby Huffing Poppers” and the rest is history. Today, his column’s been adapted into a hilarious and sometimes poignant memoir of the same name. […]

There’s Got To Be A Morning After

So, a little birdie tells us you’ve been drinking. A lot. But don’t worry, we’re not judging anyone. Especially since the very same birdie that spilled the tea was so tipsy he flew into a window and was given an FUI citation by some lark nark. Between helping kids with online school work (maybe even becoming their full-time teacher), being […]

Lies! All Lies!

We’ve all told fibs. Some, of course, might be considered way bigger than mere fibs. But dishonesty can be tricky and that’s a concept central to the stories in I Know You Know Who I Am, a collection of engaging fiction from gay author Peter Kispert. With 21 stories in total, some only a couple of pages and others much […]


Don’t let the sun go down today without purchasing a book. Not just any book, but the first-ever official autobiography of superstar Sir Elton John. Titled simply Me, the hardcover tome makes a great companion piece to this year’s spectacular biopic about the legend. Filled with salacious details about his wild life and incredible career, it’s a must-read (or listen […]

Shaking Things Up

Being married to someone in any realm of the political universe has to be challenging. Being married and gay, well, that can be downright groundbreaking. That’s the story of Bob Satawake, the first gay diplomatic spouse in the Western Hemisphere. When he accompanied his husband, Ambassador James “Wally” Brewster, to the Dominican Republic, it became a bigger issue than either […]

Brunch Of The Week: DIY (Drag-It-Yourself)

If we were ever on death row, our last meal would be brunch. Eggs benedict, a side of crispy bacon and enough bottomless mimosas to make the electric chair fun. Hopefully, it’ll never come to that, but we like to always have a plan. For our Brunch of the Week selection today, we’re featuring something very different—a home-cooked feast from […]

A Vacation On Your Coffee Table

Summer, summer, wherefore art thou going, summer? With prime vacation season more than halfway over, we’re starting to have FOMO about all the places we’ve didn’t have a chance to get to this year. Fire Island has long been on our bucket list, but if our recent trip to Provincetown is any indication, we may have aged out of a […]

Designed That Way

Which came first, the rainbow flag or the pink triangle? The Grindr logo or 2(x)ist underwear? If it’s queer and iconic, you’ll find it in the new LGBTQ history book, Queer x Design by Andy Campbell. Inside, discover the stories behind some of the most memorable symbols of the past five decades. By default, this chronological representation creates a pretty […]

He Wrote The Book On Gay

We can barely put together a bookshelf from IKEA. And it comes with instructions! Coming out, however, does not. At least not until now. Written from his own personal experiences, YouTuber Riyadh Khalaf has written a guidebook for young queer guys, but we think the lessons can apply to those coming out at any age. We still know people into […]