Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


Things Are About To Get Steamy

On our short list of dream jobs (right behind vodka taster, Betty White’s pool boy, and amateur proctologist), a full-time career in the Bathhouse Arts ranks pretty close to the top. Day-in, day-out of going to work with dozens of naked men sounds so much better than sitting in a cubicle or digging a ditch. Yet as with most things […]

The Library Is Open

Forget tacos, it’s Tata Tuesday! Two of the most beloved superstars to ever come from RuPaul’s Drag Race have teamed up once again, bringing their wit and wisdom to the printed page. That’s right, today you can throw on a mask and head to the local bookstore for your copy of Trixie and Katya’s Guide to Modern Womanhood. Or better […]

FAVE FIVE: Gay Multimedia Edition

Welcome to another edition of FAVE FIVE, the place where you get to binge on great products we’re passionate about. This week, it’s all about media, from books to movies to music videos that every gay men (and well, anyone with good taste) should love. (Hint: There’s Dolly Parton up in here.) Click the NEXT button above for five things we’re […]

Her Pain, Your Pleasure

We receive a couple hundred e-mails a day. Therefore, it’s often difficult to read (or skim) them all in a timely fashion. (Hence our panic attack-inducing status of 28,428 unread e-mails in our inbox.) But some messages break through the clutter, which is exactly how we met author Sara Stewart, who’s promoting her new book, Whilst I Was Out (debuting […]


LGBT teens have more positive role models and media depictions than ever in history. But there’s always room for more. Either Way: Story of a Gay Kid is the latest on the scene. This graphic novel features illustrations by Euan Cook that bring to life the words of author Sandra Levins in wonderful ways. Rather than unfolding in a strictly […]

(Comic) Book Of Mormon

We love it when a Kickstarter campaign succeeds! Last year, we told you about Stripling Warrior, a series of graphic novels featuring a gay, Mormon superhero. That fundraising effort helped creator and gay Mormon Brian Andersen produce three full issues of adventures. But that was only the beginning of a new frontier in the comic world. Anderson has launched a […]

Drawn That Way

RuPaul is definitely having a moment. Just this week, the Supermodel of the World received an Emmy as host of RuPaul’s Drag Race. The second season of All-Stars is more popular than ever. And now, there’s a book that digs deeper into Ru’s life than ever before. The Essential RuPaul: Herstory, Philosophy & Her Fiercest Queens is a beautiful new […]

Secrets & Guys

First loves are always magical. But they can also be filled with drama, intrigue and a disco soundtrack. That’s exactly what you’ll find in Tim Parks’ first novel, The Scheme of Things, a coming-of-age story filled with plenty of twists, turns and schemes, many of which are fueled by young protagonist Henry Dodge watching too many 1980s nighttime soaps. When […]

Beach-Ready Reading

For every four things that come out of Trump’s mouth, we’re treated on average to three lies for every truth. So how refreshing to read Brent Hartinger’s new novel, Three Truths and a Lie. That’s a much more respectable ratio. Even better is that this gay thriller is such a fun and suspenseful read. The plot follows four friends who’ve […]

Wig Lit

The coffee-table book is such a strange thing. It’s a giant bound collection of photos that, more than likely, will never be opened once it finds its final resting place next to the TV remote and an empty champagne bottle or two. But there’s no way anyone can resist opening up Why Drag? and flipping through every single page.Featuring photographs […]