Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


Can't Hartley Wait

Patience may be a virtue, but there’s something to be said for immediate gratification. It’s the reason we often eat dessert first. Fast-forward to see who gets kicked off Project Runway each week. Or skip foreplay and head right to post-coital regret. So here we’ve been, waiting for weeks to tell you about a new book we love, but its […]

History Channeled

Not all of us can count on having a professional biography published about our lives, or those of our family and friends. And our memoir keeps getting put on hold so we can sample liquor, hair products and Spanx for Men to keep you entertained and informed on a daily basis. (In fact, we’re toasting our great hair day this […]

Musto Gracias

The world has many things to fear. Palins, bioterrorism, day-long prayer/hate extravaganzas. But for celebrities, there’s something even scarier: being on the receiving end of gossip columnist extraordinaire Michael Musto’s razor-sharp wit. Since Day One, the Village Voice writer has called it exactly like he sees it. And he sees it hilariously. His latest book, Fork on the Left, Knife […]

Hush, Hush, Sweet Husband

When women marry gay men, they should count it as a blessing. Seriously. They’re getting free fashion and decorating advice. The sex is never more kinky than missionary-style once per month. And if you’re Fran Drescher, it completely revitalizes your sitcom career. Sounds like a win-win to us. Of course, we’re not the ones caught up in all the drama. […]

I Dream Of Queenie

What gay boy didn’t pretend to have magic powers to create a world where everything was sparkly, fantastic and completely under his control? We know we spent hours every day of our childhood in the backyard, alternating between our self-appointed multiple personalities: Wonder Woman, Samantha Stephens and Jeannie, Barbara Eden’s sexy bottle dweller. It’s only looking back now that we […]

Practice What He Preaches

Every time we sit through a movie with somebody commenting on every joke (“I wonder what brand of ping-pong balls she’s shooting out of her hoo-hah?), posting Facebook status updates for each character (“Jason Vorhees just checked in at Camp Crystal Lake.”) or smacking on a $7 hotdog, it’s abundantly clear that people have completely lost their manners. Or never […]

Who’s The Nelliest Of Them All?

Everything we ever came to know about our place in the world, we learned from Little House on the Prairie. Living in rural America during the late 1800s would totally have rocked our world, and we thanked the cartoonish picture of Jesus hanging in the hallway every night that we were born with a TV and indoor plumbing. We knew […]

The Clinton Administration (Of Style)

You’ve seen him on TV in the popular U.S. version of What Not To Wear, but everyone knows the real money these days is in the writing field. (We’ll pause to take a bite of our government cheese sandwich while you laugh at that one.) But lo and be homo, Clinton Kelly has written one of the funniest reads of […]