Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Boxer Briefs

Underwear Of The Month: What’s He Hiding Down There?

As you’ve probably noticed, our typical Underwear of the Month selection involves the least amount of fabric needed to perform a proper coverup. But we’re well aware that not everyone likes barely-there briefs and junk-forward jockstraps. Sometimes conservative can be super sexy (hello, Mormon missionaries!). It’s also true of these ultra-comfortable stretch boxer briefs from Vince Camuto. Made of 95% […]

Your Morning Danish

We’re not very good at the stock market. Just look at our portfolio and the thousands of shares of America Online, Kmart and Trump Steaks. *sigh* Well, today we have an investment opportunity that will yield immediate dividends—in the form of underwear! That’s right, you can be part of bringing The Other Danish Guy to market thanks to an Indiegogo campaign. […]

Underwear Of The Month: Haus Party

Before you scroll down and look at the rest of the sexy photos we’ve included with this feature, let’s have a little language lesson. Hardhaus is not the name of a gay stripper bar. (But it would be a great one, right?) Hardhaus is actually a Norwegian term given to a man with courage, grit and fortitude. And it’s the […]