Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Boy George

A Picture’s Worth 1,000 Wows

What does it look like to be queer in 2020? LA-based, British photographer Magnus Hastings has the answer. 300 of them to be exact. In Rainbow Revolution, out today, Hastings explores the LGBTQIA community in a series of exquisite photos taken over two years. Each subject (or subjects) pose in a custom-made white box, which became a three-dimensional canvas that […]

Oh, Boy! George!

Are you a man without conviction? Or at least one without plans this Friday? Then you need to make sure you have tickets to Culture Club, featuring Boy George and the original band members that made them one of the world’s all-time biggest pop sensations. Tickets are still available for the show at Verizon Theatre at Grand Prairie for as […]

Gentleman, Start Your Downloading

Time to tell your iPod about the birds and the bees. Because today, it’s going to have an iGasm. These past two weeks have been huge for gay music fans. Last Tuesday, we got a new album from George Michael. And this week, we’ve got three more artists bringing us new tunes and greatest hits. All you need now is […]