Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Bravo TV

The Andy Awards

Who’s Your Daddy? Jumpsuit Achievement. Biggest Bravoholic. If there’s one thing we can expect from Andy Cohen, it’s a fun time with celebrities. And with awards show categories like the three above, there should be plenty of laughs and table-flipping drama. Reality star realness is guaranteed tonight when he hosts The Bravos, an awards show celebrating the crazy citizens of […]

Rainy Days & Omelets

It’s time once again for another season of Bravo’s Top Chef, possibly the only show on the network without one single stretched-tight Housewife. Thank God. But for the tenth season of the reality competition, set in Seattle, things are seriously heating up. And that’s not just a bad food-related pun. Four master chefs are now part of the proceedings, including […]

Food, Fights

Creating a great recipe is all about combining ingredients that compliment one another. So it should come as no surprise that the new cooking competition show, Around the World in 80 Plates, is a delectable treat. Take one part The Amazing Race, one part Top Chef and sprinkle liberally with Survivor and you’ve got the basic idea. With hosts like […]

The Celebrity-Free Talk Show

Someone over at Bravo thought it would be a great idea to give Kathy Griffin an hour each week to talk about whatever the hell she wants. We want to buy that person a pony. Sure, we love her standup specials. My Life on the D-List is must-see television. And New Year’s Eve wouldn’t be complete without her outrageous attempts […]

Keeping Up With The Persians

Ryan Seacrest, you’ve got too much time on your hands. You’d think you’d be busy with the 37 jobs you already hold, but no, you had to go and exec-produce yet another reality show about a fame-hungry family. Sure, Shahs of Sunset is mildly interesting because it features a relatively untapped demographic: Super-wealthy Persians who lost everything in Iran and […]

Snippy, Snippy, Snippy

There are three people we’re terrified of running into at our place of business. 1. Gordon Ramsay (because he’s mean and looks like he has really bad breath), 2. Carson Kressley (because that means he’s there to throw away all our clothes), and also… 3. Tabatha Coffey (because she too is quite mean, but we kinda secretly want to be […]