Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


The 701 Club: Cohen, Cruz & Crack

This week’s news review is truly not fit for children, as I attempt to opine on some real filth in our world. Cohen: Sin and degradation has landed squarely in the home of my ministry, Dallas, Texas. Andy Cohen, that filthy sodomite with Bravo TV, has extended his “Real Housewives” franchise to include our beloved city. Just so I would […]

Around The World In 80 Squabbles

Pack your bags for the living room. There’s another travel docu-series to add to your DVR queue. And because this one comes courtesy of Bravo, you know there’ll be plenty of juicy conflict. It’s all part of the new show, Tour Group, which premieres Tuesday. Much like The Amazing Race, a diverse group of Americans set out on a worldwide […]

Matchmaker, Matchmaker

Because our friends never take our advice on which people they should or shouldn’t date, even though we’re always right, we’ve had to take our good intentions elsewhere. But strangers don’t take kindly when we tell them how incompatible they are with the person they’re mugging down with at the mall food court. We’ve found a perfect solution to our […]

Drawn That Way

Is reality TV finally dying a slow death? Probably not, but there is a glimmer of hope. Tonight, Bravo takes a step in a bold new direction with its first animated scripted series, The Pink Taffeta Mysteries. The Fort Lauderdale-set cartoon follows Jake and Josh, two interior designers who adopt a baby girl that turns out to have psychic abilities. […]

Rainy Days & Omelets

It’s time once again for another season of Bravo’s Top Chef, possibly the only show on the network without one single stretched-tight Housewife. Thank God. But for the tenth season of the reality competition, set in Seattle, things are seriously heating up. And that’s not just a bad food-related pun. Four master chefs are now part of the proceedings, including […]

Food, Fights

Creating a great recipe is all about combining ingredients that compliment one another. So it should come as no surprise that the new cooking competition show, Around the World in 80 Plates, is a delectable treat. Take one part The Amazing Race, one part Top Chef and sprinkle liberally with Survivor and you’ve got the basic idea. With hosts like […]

America’s Next Top Remodel

The bitch is back. Jeff Lewis, the handsome, Jolie-lipped object of our redecorated bedroom fantasies has a new show. Instead of flipping entire houses, though, he’s moved on to smaller projects in his new Bravo show, Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis. In this supremely entertaining home makeover show, Lewis’ often catty, always blunt, diva-like attitude is actually a little bit […]

Keeping Up With The Persians

Ryan Seacrest, you’ve got too much time on your hands. You’d think you’d be busy with the 37 jobs you already hold, but no, you had to go and exec-produce yet another reality show about a fame-hungry family. Sure, Shahs of Sunset is mildly interesting because it features a relatively untapped demographic: Super-wealthy Persians who lost everything in Iran and […]

Pack Your Knives, Y'all

When it comes to cooking competition shows, there’s only one that matters to us. (At least until Bravo produces The Real Male Model Cook-off Strip-off.) For now, though, it’s Top Chef or nothing. And the ninth Texas-themed season premieres tonight with plenty of new twists, including competing in multiple cities: Austin, Dallas and San Antonio. What’s most shocking this time […]

Another Big Gay March

Human hair was only the beginning. When Project Runway Season 4 finalist Chris March presented a garment adorned with real hair, it was shocking, hilarious and the perfect manifestation of the reality competition’s most unpredictable and flamboyant contestant ever. And now that he has his own show, prepare for a day in the very near future when Lady Gaga’s meat […]