Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


Underwear Of The Month: April Foolin’ Around With Andrew Christian

Every pair of Andrew Christian underwear is pretty gay. But we’re in love with the really, really gay ones. As part of the ever-evolving Pride Collection, the briefs and jockstraps with the GAY waistband really give us a great, big, juicy smile. They’re perfect if you want to show off at upcoming Pride celebrations, but also any day you want […]

Underwear Of The Decade: The Best For Your Bulge

The 2010s have been filled with ups and downs. (And thankfully, ins and outs). But enough about what we did out of our underwear. We had plenty of fun in our underwear and thanks to our Underwear of the Month feature, we were able to test out so many briefs, boxers, jocks and impractical sexywear that we had to add […]

Underwear Of The Month: Pride In Your Pants

This June, most of us will be decked out in rainbow from head to toe. And now, head to camel toe. Thanks to the new Pride collection from 2(x)ist, we can show some peen pride, too. With everything from jock straps to swim trunks, you can celebrate being gay in every state of undress. And every state of the union. […]

Underwear Of The Month: Right Round, Baby

Practically everyone on earth has at least one thing on their body they’d like to improve. Except maybe Idris Elba, Chris Hemsworth, and Armie Hammer. [Pardon us while we daydream about a foursome for a few moments.] OK, we’re back. Imperfect bodies might be the problem, but Rounderbum has a solution. You may have seen this innovative apparel company on […]

Underwear Of The Month: Hit The Locker Room

The NFL’s first regular season game kicks off on September 6 and we couldn’t be more excited. Not to watch the games, but to fantasize about what goes on in the team locker rooms. (Yes, if there was a Perv Bowl, we’d win every year and always be MVP.) So in celebration of all things sporty, August’s Underwear of the […]

Underwear Of The Month: What’s Down Under?

Naked is best. But society doesn’t always let us get away with that concept, so in the hot summer months we typically try to find underwear that’s as light and skimpy as possible. (Because wearing no underwear at all just creeps us out.) Well, Australia’s sexy undie brand, 2EROS, has an almost-naked solution with its REACTIV line. Available in briefs, jockstraps […]

Underwear Of The Month: Y, Oh Y!

All we want for Christmas is just two butt cheeks. Nestled in luxurious, form-fitting underwear. Never before have we enjoyed seeing half-naked guys leave the room (we prefer them coming), but in D.HEDRAL underwear we don’t mind the view one bit.With their patented AngleFit technology, a Y-shaped design provides structured support to your booty and lifts up every bit of […]

Underwear Of The Month: Barely There

We have a long list of things with the initials TJ that have positively impacted our life: Thomas Jefferson. Trader Joe’s. Tito Jackson. Well, now we can add Tommy John to the ranks. We’ve been hearing radio commercials for the brand for months and after listening to Howard Stern gush about his Tommy John underwear for the bazillionth time, we […]

Underwear Of The Month: A Star Is Worn

We just returned from our attorney’s office. It seems our underwear collection is now worth more than our house, so we had to modify our will. Congratulations, sis, if we die tomorrow you’re getting 3,237 pairs of size medium underwear! Among your inheritance are our most treasured briefs of the moment: the new Splash collection from Stardom Underwear. We especially […]