Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


Bleach Banquette Bingo

G, how we’ve missed B-ing N the company of other people. And, O, the joy of seeing them I to I. (And not on Zoom.) Of the many, many, many things we’ve longed to have back in our lives over the past 13 months, bingo ranks right up there at the top. Fortunately, on May 13 the CANVAS Hotel gives […]

Brunch Of The Week: Movin’ On Uptown

Brunch and bubbles are one of the most perfect pairings in human history. At least this side of Liam Payne and tighty whities. So we thoroughly enjoy the chance to get creative with our mimosas. That’s one of the highlights at the gorgeous Perle on Maple inside Uptown’s iconic hotel, The Stoneleigh. Unlike so many brunches that are a rowdy […]

Taking Care Of Fizzness

Sparkle much? We know we love anything bubbly, from wine to butts and everything in between. And because we stereotypically adore the Official Gay Drinkā„¢, the vodka soda, we consume more than our fair share of fizzy liquids. For years we’ve made our own seltzer at home, but a brand new technology launched yesterday changes everything you think you know […]