Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

burgers and burgundy

Insert “Meat & Buns” Joke Here

For some people, fall doesn’t begin until their first taste of a pumpkin-spiced something or other. For us, autumn starts with our first bite of a yummy, meaty sandwich at Burgers & Burgundy. This year’s DIFFA Dallas fundraiser returns to The Eye downtown across from The Joule with an evening of the city’s best chefs giving us their take on […]

Burgers. Burkas. Burritos. Burlap. Burpees. Burlesque. Burgundy.

Sorry, we got carried away with all the bur- words in the headline. Only two of them are relevant, but to keep things interesting, we’ll leave it up to you to figure out which two. Don’t worry, you’re about to get a major clue. Next Friday night, October 6, DIFFA Dallas presents its annual Burgers + Burgundy¬†fundraiser under the starry […]